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Has anyone tried this version of thyroxine?. I think its a version that comes from India. I ordered some but have not tried them yet as have enough of UK prescription ones and also synthroid until my next script. Synthroid, I tried for a month but felt worse, so went back to taking the ones that I have on uk prescription. However, am only prescribed 100mcg, which they are trying to lower to 75. I am however, taking 150mcg of thyroxine and 50mcg T3. Was previously taking 20mcg of T3, as only prescribed 20mcg, so am self-medicating on both.

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Never even heard of it before. Are you aware of its ingredients? Have you found a reputable supplier?



Hi Rod,

When they arrived, they just came in the blister packs. No box or leaflet. Blister packs look genuine, though have looked on their website for ingredients. Nothing looks out of the ordinary, though on website, it said that they were from India. I noticed that they have gelatine in them, an I am vegetarian, so not ok with that. Though, I should have checked out website first rather than doing a random search. Ordered them a while back, but not used any yet. As have since found a more reputable site.


Pinkgirl, have you had a thyroid bloods test recently? You are currently taking the equivalent of 300mcg T4.


my last bloods were done 2 months ago and on 100mcg thyroxine and 20mcg of liothyronine, they were TSH 0.01, T4 15 (down from 21), T3 5.1. Am trying to get T3 up to top of range and T4 is now lower. Doc has tried to reduce thyroxine to 75mcg. Am resisting this for as long as I can. But even on 100mch of T4 am sleeping 11 hours a day or more. Am currently off work sick, as I cant hold down a part time job even, due to various hypo symptoms and chronic fatigue. Am due to have bloods anytime now, if gp picks up on it. Though, the practise I am with are TSH types only - not good for me as am on T3 medication also. Only increased to 50 T3 today. Took 40 for a week. Actually prescribed 20mcg of T3. Self-medicating as cannot ease hypo symptoms and am in danger of losing job.


Pinkgirl, If you can afford a private FT3 test I'd advise it. Your FT3 is likely to be considerably above your previous 5.1 on 40/50mcg T3 plus T4 and over medication can cause fatigue too.



Cant really afford to go private:-(, though would like to as not getting what I need on the NHS. I work part-time and have been in a new job for about 6 weeks maybe, however, for 4 weeks out of this, I have been off sick. Before that, I was out of work for 6 months as funding went for the project I was working on. As a result, I lost everything including my home (which was rented). Am now staying with friends who have been really amazing. Before all of that happened, I always worked full-time and had a 2nd and 3rd job, as wanted to save for a deposit for a house. But that didn't happen because of high rents and the commuting costs ect. Since 2009, work has been in fits and starts - not good. I have gone private now and then when I could afford it.

If I lose this job, then will have to apply for JSA or ESA. I only know too well the implications of this as I was a Welfare Rights Officer (voluntary sector - which is why the funding always goes).

I am also trying to complete a degree on a part-time basis, and once I finish this, hopefully circumstances will improve and put me in a better financial position. Luckily, as I am in Wales, I get a small grant for this as a continuing student, which covers outstanding course fees.

Thanks for sending me the link though x


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