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Some what improving but the fatigue is annoying

I ended up being rushed to hospital x2 almost 2 weeks ago, feeling spaced out had chest pains, feeling numb in the brain,face,neck and upper back, feeling faint, exhausted,blurred vision, nose bleeds, was even puking too,felt a swelling feeling in my chest, face and neck area - it was horrible. First time the doctor thought I was taking cocaine and looked really manic and high and referred me to a psychiatrist. The psychiatrist pointed out that it could be down to high levels of iron but not to worry.

The second time, I was rushed to hospital I contacted my then boyfriend to tell him that I was being rushed to hospital, spent 2 days there getting blood tests and an E.N.T examination ( ear nose and throat) and check up on the heart and blood pressure all day and all night and everything was fine.

I got random blood checks for my full blood count and they found nothing, had a E.N.T specialist shoving tube device down my nostrils and found nothing wrong, I spoke to the doctors and I said can you recheck my hormone levels? I tried to explain to them the possibilities as to why I feel ill from iron to hormones. The doctor at the hospital told me to see my GP about my concerns about iron and he asked for my hormone levels and I told what they were T3 being 7.4 ( 1.6-3) and t4 4.3(9-21) and tsh 0.01. He was like I would not think it was its do with your thyroid condition nor your high levels . I was really ill and felt like utter rubbish I ended up being sent sent home feeling spaced out.

I did reduce my t3 from 60mg to 40mg and within a week, the numbness in my face,brain,upper back and neck calmed down, Normally I would be like pffff I am not walking to the shops, I am too tired but I have been able to do it better. My energy is coming and going.

I am still waking up shattered which is annoying.

My memory has improved slightly yet im still forgetful which is annoying:(

My ex boyfriend ended up dumping me after I came out of hospital - he sent me a cold message whilst i was in hospital and a 10 days later he dumped me.

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This is the guy in Norway or someplace? He doesn't love you. You are not losing anything. People who love other people are supportive, kind, caring, concerned and all the stuff. Because Love is a verb. It is action.

So you are not going to be able to focus on your own health and not be focused on trying to please a jerk.

Lowering T3 sounds like a good idea. You were major major hyper. Lower it again but raise the T4. Don't know what T4 dose you were on.

Eat lots of iron containing foods (liver, meat, meat, meat) and take your vitamins. Plus magnesium glycinate or biglycinate. Probably you should work towards 100 T4 and 10 T3 or 75 T4 and 15 T3. If your nutritional status is good, that ought to work. IF the nutritional status is poor, nothing will work.


this is the Norway guy yeah and yeah he turned out to be a cold man towards me.

When I was on levothyroxine, I was really really ill on it and I swelling out like a balloon and had all sorts going on. Then after that I was given 125mg t4 and 20mg of t3. I lost 1 and a half stone off it but I still looked very swollen and felt very toxic. Then I switched to pig thyroid and my face started to depuff, my skin improved and my acne in my face has gone, I looked a lot different from what I was last year but I was still feeling ill then I switched to T3 only and dropped the dose, I felt some improvement however I still feel tiredness and my appetite is very poor and very erratic - There will be days I go without and there are days where I eat whatever. I am living on a low income just now. Any tips you can give me will be great, I have tried getting food from reduced to clear aisles and its difficult to gauge when are the best times to get the bargains - last week I bought a lot reduced to clear meats, milk, vegetables for 20p-40p each which was fantastic and I shoved them all in the freezer. Other times I go to the shops there is one carrot or a yoghurt or nothing at all. I have asked the shops and they have been like we cant tell you, you just gonna have to find out yourself and the times for bargains vary day to day. its just your luck really. If you have any tips on any ways I can get free or reduced food at certain times that will be fantastic.

I am starting to lose more weight slightly but I still have a pot belly which is annoying:( My friends are noticing changes in me.

I still wake up shattered however I can still be able to walk to the shops and walked to college however I still lack motivation to do certain things. its a working progress. I am coming in leaps and bounds.


I don't live in England but I have read some Guardian articles on how difficult it is for people to time it right to find discounts in the supermarket. There seems to be a whole culture these days based on getting to the supermarket in time and ahead of everyone else. It sounds dire.

But saying that, just the fact that you are finding the motivation to do what you are doing, shattered or not, is a step in the right direction. Motivation is a huge big deal. It takes a while to get better and change happens. You are fortunate because you are young and you have adaptive reserve working for you. Setbacks are what they are but you have the potential to be well.

It is reassuring that you are recovering from that really toxic relationship. And it sounds to me like you are getting stronger. No man is worth the pain and agony. Never. Ever. Situations suck the energy out of a person, thyroid or no thyroid. Being free of all that is a big positive change for you. You have your own future.

And you have friends!!! That makes all the difference in the world.

Can you team up with your friends so you all benefit from finding bargains and split things up so everyone gets a good deal? I used to do that with my cousin because oftentimes things are sold in bulk. Freezing stuff is a good thing to do though.


oh ok. cool;) just curious where in the world are you from?

It took me a while to get over him. It was so cold how he just dumped me and I am like still confused as to why he did it? One month he pays for my education and sends a birthday card to he loves me then after that he dumps me? really odd!

my best mate sometimes takes turns to do the shopping which helps a lot.

its a real pain in the butt and there are lots of people after the same bargains. everyone loves bargain :)


You should have dumped him. It would feel better. :) :) :) But what is done, 'tis done. Who cares. Men half the time have no idea what they are doing anyway. It's their hormones. LOL!

Now Rod will kick me in the butt.....ooops.

I hear you about everyone wanting the bargains. I think in England there's a manufactured shortage of bargains.

Hey, I know this sounds so stupid and superficial, if you cook potatoes try this: (I'm eating this as I type) take an ovenproof dish, preheat oven to 400F, cut potatoes in half, either roll in oil or place cut half onto a pat of butter and drizzle a bit of oil on top and salt. 50 minutes in oven. The bottoms get all beautiful and toasty, the skin crunchy and the insides perfect. (I HATE potatoes. Have since I was a toddler.... ask my parents...LOL....but this way, they are great. I don't understand people who say they LOVE potatoes and can eat them every day........but my beautiful thyroid and my even more beautiful adrenals have reduced my income by 50%. So I have to suck it up and make do.) Here I can buy a 10 pound bag for $3 and nowadays none of them are rotten. Big size variation for sure, but they are good..... Potatoes are very nutritious. Not like eating rice.


Have you had a test for the presence of antibodies such as TPO. If your thyroid was under attack from antibodies your system would be flooded by thyroid hormone and you would feel very unwell. I had very raised TPO last year and was ill for about a month (Iam on levo, 100mcg) after reading lots of books I went gluten and lacto free and things have improved. Just a thought!


I tried going gluten free for 3 month and felt no improvement. I am a milk addict lol and I am trying to keep within a budget as I am living on a low income. I did have a TPO test that was around 2 years ago. I will get checked up for that. I will speak to my doctor and come back with more test results and take it from there


This is a good link re iron.


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