lactose free thyroxine no longer in stock

I have been getting lactose free thyroxine for some time now (through my GP - imported from Germany. When I turned in my prescription to my pharmacy the other day I was informed that there was no more lactose free thyroxine in stock and that the supplier did not know when the pharmaceutical company would start manufacturing them again. I'm sure that there are a lot of people that are just as dependent as I am on lactose free medication and I was wondering if anybody else have had a problem like this. After what I understand it is national.


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  • Cinnamon,

    Aliud Pharma and Henning both manufacture lactose free Levothyroxine. Has your pharmacist checked both?

  • Some months ago I wanted to order some Aliud but the 50mcg was out of stock. I went for Henning instead. I don't need lactose-free but am happier on these products.

    (Both bought without a UK pharmacy being involved - that might make a difference.)


  • Might also be worth asking around other pharmacies in your area or online:


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