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Rubbish Endo visit - need advice

Hi all

would appreciate any advice. I have been on Natural thyroid hormone for 11 years, prescribed by my gp. Recently my gp said the guidelines for prescribing had changed, not explaining properly and referred me to an endo.

The appointment was awful, he was going on about how dangerous suppressed tsh was and can lead to heart problems and strokes. He said the only treatment now was thyroxine which I said I would not take as it did nothing for me 13 years ago and I was not prepared to go back on it.

So if I cannot get it prescribed anymore I would have to buy on internet or go private. As I have never done either and cannot rely on the nhs anymore I need advice on this.


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Buy online like everyone else and thank you lucky stars you were able to get is on nhs for so long. Most of us have not been that lucky.

This is politics, nothing else. Please do not waste your energy fighting the system.



Could you give me any details of where to buy it. Can you personal message me.



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