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Blue Horizon Thyroid Results - Help please - GP appointment this morning

Hello All

I hope you don't mind me posting my results again - I think my last post had too much detail for many to wade through and so I just wanted to post my Blue Horizon test results to see if anyone could give their opinion - I can see my TSH is out of range, but the rest in range. Is it possible I could be about to develop a thyroid problem? Does any level of antibodies indicate the potential for future problems? I have an appointment at 11 this morning, so would really appreciate any advice to help me. Like many - I absolutely hate going to see my GP.

Blue Horizon Advanced Thyroid Test 08/10/2014 - Blood drawn at 9:30am

TSH 5.22 mIU/L (0.27 - 4.2)

Total T4 107 nmol/L (59 - 154)

fT4 15.1 pmol/l (12.0 – 22.0)

fT3 5.3 pmol/L (3.1 – 6.8)

Thyroglobulin Antibody 19.2 IU/mL (0 - 115)

Thyroid Peroxidase Antibodies 7.9 IU/mL (0 – 34)

Previous Thyroid Tests on NHS

26/02/2013 Blood drawn at 9:25am

TSH 2.86 mu/L (U 0.35-5.0), Thyroid Peroxidase Antibodies- Less than 5 iu/mL (U <70)

20/11/2012 Blood drawn at 08:25am

TSH 4.20 mu/L (U 0.35-5.0)

Marz has been extremely helpful on my other post and drawn my attention back to a possible B12 problem and other vits, which I absolutely intend to follow up, I just don't want to miss any opportunity when presenting these thyroid results to my GP and be fobbed off.

Thank you all so much


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What has not been done is Thyroid Antibodies or tests for Pernicous Aneamia because it seems you may possibly have hashimotos and your TSH is fluctuating but for now your t4 and t3 are not suffering dramatically

If you have a host of Hypothyroid...


sorry but i disagree with your doctor ................i still say you are going hypothyroid

your ferritin must be over 70 your folate is too l;ow , the lump in your throat sensation is typical of a thyroid under attack albeit that when your thyroid antibodies were done they were low


Thank you reallyfedup123 - you and many others on here have said the same thing in another post of mine and I absolutely trust the people on here more than the GPs. My Mum (also well versed in much of this) also agrees. It's harder when it's about you, because I worry I'm not being objective. I am going to start taking vitamins - vit D, sublingual B12 and iron to try and get my levels optimal - not sure if there is anything else I should take - and then have another Blue Horizon test in a couple of months to see if there is any change. If need be, I will push for a trial of thyroxin and if the GP doesn't agree, I will consider self-treating, although would prefer to get a recognised diagnosis. I guess this is the problem many people face. I'm pleased I'm not too bad at the moment and fortunate I'm coming from a well-informed position at the outset, but it's frustrating the blood tests weren't more clear cut.


I know because i have seen my husband through first Graves then thyroidectomy then hashimotos following 6 years of untreated hell

our daughter is Hashimotos plus 3 of her daughters and our other daughters little girl is both coeliac and hashimotos

only the latter one is OK on Thyroxine everyone else cannot tolerate either thyroxine or T3 and has to take Armour or thyroid-s


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