Hi can any hashi suffers tell me how they cope with anxiety when their hashis flair. I've been doing ok for a while now but this morning woke really anxious and my throat area feels likes it's swollen guess I'm having a flair I just hate ythe anxiety it's awful. Also how many of you with hashis are on armour. Thanks


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  • I'm sorry you're feeling rough again, Mauds. I tended to pull the duvet over my head and hoped it would go away. I didn't know it was Hashi's at the time and thought it was a bipolar episode.

  • Thanks Clutter it just seems to flair for no reason just hate the anxious feeling

  • How long have you been off gluten, Mauds? I thought that might have helped by now.

  • I'm into my third month. I do feel better from it clutter but I'm wondering if my thyroids dropping too low and it's feeding the hashis like you said. They want me to stay on 75 for another two months don't think I can last that out. I saw a psychologist and proved the endo wrong he said there was nothing wrong with me mentally and that they should get my thyroid under control to get rid of anxiety I can't wait to give it to the endo when I next see him. Thats if I go back to him

  • I am so sorry you are suffering like this, the anxiety is the part I hate most too. All I can say is that once I was properly medicated it reduced significantly and is only an very occasional problem to me now. I take levo, and ammostly OK on it.

  • Thanks pink bear it's good to know that I have the support of all of you on this brill site. The anxiety has gone today for another while just wish it would go away forever.

  • Dear Mauds,

    I had the same problems in the past. Now I am nine months on GF diet and my apo bodies are almost non existent. I also try to avoid lactose (milk sugar) which is another well known trigger of auto imuno attack. There are many others (soya, eggs, corn, aditives..) so maybe you could try to find what kind of food makes your body produce anti bodies. I still get sometimes that strange feeling in the throat, especially in the early morning. Sometime, but not very often, I take a tranquilizer (bazetam), the smallest dosage of 5 mcg before I go to bed and it helps.

    Otherwise, a lump in the throat can be a sign of LPR (larygnopharyngeal reflux).

    I am on the combo t4/t3. Once I introduced a small dose of t3 (twice daily), my mood improved and my anxiety disappeared. T3 increases serotonin in the brain. There are many researchers who believe that an imbalance in serotonin levels may influence mood in a way that leads to depression and anxiety. Did you check your level of ft3 by the latest blood test?

  • Thanks for your reply I was on combo of t3/t4 but couldn't tolerate it. I'm undermedicated at the moment and am wondering if this is what's causing the flair. Can't have my bloods done till end of oct.im going to get a food intolerant test to see what I'm allergic to ill do anything now to get these antibodies under control. I've no anxiety today and my throat feels fine but everytime I get the anxiety my throat seems to swell must be the hashis flaring up it's too much of a coincidence that they both happen at same time.

  • I've had hashimotos for 8years. I feel the same as you. In addition I have fibromyalgia, Graves disease,reynauds phenomenon and chronic fatigue. And they're trying to say I'm depressed also. Don't be a bystander in your own health. I have taken the self medication route after they tried upping my levo which just increases all the anxiety symptoms. despite feeling like I need an upper and equally a downer for the times I can't stop moving. My research confirms this,however in the uk there is no endo-patient relationship but rather patient-gp And gp-endo. Bearing this in mind unless you can find a holistic doctor they will only treat the symptom Not underlying cause. I have found a self prescribed trial of cutting out gluten and soya,plus reducing my levo to 100mcg from 150 helped with the palpitations. as for getting a much needed rest I know it's not advisable (but neither is the high dose of codeine and tramadol I'm on) but a sedative like valium works wonders along with yoga.I know self medicating has its risks but despite lowering my dosage myself, blood tests came back normal which just shows no one knows your body like you. They say DNT is the best but the uk thyroid association doesn't advise it despite many people claiming it completely removes I'll side effects. .like the ones you are experiencing. But they are happy to keep giving 100s of mgs of codeine and tramadol a day. funding and pharmaceutical incentive drive your doctor.

  • Hil gillyhh

    God I wish somone would listen to us. Thankfully my anxiety has gone for another while at least but I know when I up the eltroxin it will come back. Im exausted still on a new dose for the past two weeks but not any energy yet. I hope you will get sorted soon and we both get on the road to recovery.


  • Thanks Mary is a great help that we all have each other to educate ourselves in a way that is actually beneficial! I'v actually missed a few days of levo which isn't advisable but better appitite and less pain. I was originally on eltroxin but found that a switch to levo feels better for me...an idea? Good luck too and we'll keep updated x

    Gilly x

  • I'm wondering Gill if my problem is the eltroxin. Today is the first day in weeks I feel a little bit normal. I'm hoping to try T3 after next app with endo. This is a great site and only for everyone on it I don't know how I would have coped the past year. Keep well. Mary

  • Hi. Im Healing from Hashimoto and I take natural.t3 and t4. Im also Healing from.Anxiety disorder. Klonopin.has been a Blessing. Low Dose. Try ..25 to .50 1 to 3 a day, if Dr says ok. BLESS.

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