Update for those interested :)

Hiya just a quick update, all my bloods came back normal but TSH still at 0.01 (no change there, it's been that way for months and I'm fine with it but useless endo not so happy). I've started on my new health supplement (can't advertise) but my energy levels are sooo much better, with this in mind I discussed with my GP about weaning myself off the levothyroxine... (I've weaned off asthma inhalers and antihistamines this year and feel so much better without) ... Anyway, with him and my naturopath supporting me and my (miracle capsules lol) I am embarking on my extremely slow weaning plan, by coming down slowly I am aiming to heal my autoimmunity and my thyroid naturally and come off meds altogether, I've been hypothyroid a long time so I know how it feels too be over and under and this experiment will also calm my previous endo's fears of "over medication" and if it works I'll never have to worry about the ignorance of docs and endos (yay me!) and be able to offer support to those who wish to follow suit (and maybe I could be a study that proves us thyroid sufferers know our bodies!...) or it'll prove my body isn't over medicated and the fact that I'm trying to help myself should be a good sign that I've literally done all I can and they have no option but to try different meds!

I'm hopeful I can come off it though as I have a big issue with big pharma (I know some of you know this) so..

Wish me luck! Lol

I'll update with my findings over the coming weeks :) lotsa love and blessings of great health :D xx

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  • Big pharma - enough said! Best of luck in your quest for good health, blessings of great health to you too

  • Sootysgirl, I wish you luck with your plans but successfully weaning off thyroid hormone replacement will depend on how much thyroid function is remaining to you.

    A lot of people don't see taking thyroid hormone replacement as Big Pharma medication but as restoring/replacing hormone which is lacking in order to live a healthy life.

    ps it isn't an infringement of posting guidelines to mention or link to supplements you have personally benefited from.

  • Loads of luck being passed your way. It will be very interesting to get your updates.

  • Hi clutter, I agree that hormone replacement is not a big pharma thing per se but it is controlled by other people who arent (again in my opinion) really that bothered by how its making some people feel (if not guided by how people are feeling) and I'm not a fan of being controlled, I don't mean anything by my comments but its just my own opinion based on previous experience, I apologise if it seemed that way...

    As for my supplementation I was a little concerned as I've become such a fan of it I now supply it to others who wish to benefit, it is perfectly natural and if you give me the go ahead I will mention the name of it, I just didn't want to tread on any toes! Sorry :s


  • Sootysgirl, you haven't said anything that needs apologising for and you haven't trodden on any toes :)

    You need to click on the orange Reply button underneath the post you are responding to so the poster gets an email alert, otherwise they may not see your reply.

  • Hi again just a link that might interest those who are considering an holistic approach, I know that after so long I may not come off thyroid meds but I'm going to take it slowly and aim for that and give it my best shot... This lady, although she wasn't given meds, she healed her thyroid with diet changes and supplements, as I said, we shall see :) x


  • Please tell us what you are taking, it sounds just what we all need. Or please PM details.

    Thank you x

  • hi there sootysgirl , YAY for you just keep on going girl --- but always remember that what works for you may not work for all - we are all different - but your experiences may well help someone [ and If you help 2 people and they then help another 2 and then ........ infinitum .....] that , in my opinium is the very reason why this forum is so valuable to so many people , including my lady ...... as I said before ..... KEEP ON GOING GIRL and never forget that when you achieve the best health never, never , ever forget who tried to help you when you needed it !!!! .....take a bow from me and cyber <<< hugs>>>.....alan xx

  • Trust me I always re-pay good deeds and have immense gratitude for all the help that I get so thank you Alan for such an uplifting post :D xx

  • Hi Sootysgirl,

    Wow! That is very ambitious!

    But be very, very careful. Weaning off inhalers and antihistamines is not quite the same as weaning off a neccessary hormone. If your thyroid is badly damaged there is little chance of it Healing itself. Although it has been know. Thyroids can regrow. They just don't always. And vits and mins cannot substitute for a hormone. You must know that. And where there are no hormones, there is no life.

    So monitor your body and your symptoms very carefully. If i were you, I'd sort out the antibodies before coming off hormone replacement. Because if the antibodies are still there, they will just attack the thyroid again if it starts producing hormone.

    And it is very cruel of you to tell us about this magical supplement without telling us the name!!! lol Please! End the agony! Tell us what it's called!

    Hugs, Grey

  • Honestly lovie I know how I need to go about it and how slowly literally snail pace, I am still only in the planning stage, I've got my GP and a good naturopath on side and I know my body really well, this has been a thought of mine for a long while now and I know that after 15 years of being on Levo I may not come off it totally but I also know that I need to try..

    I'm going to address the autoimmunity first for a good couple months, I'm keeping a diary of all that occurs..., I'm still planning this bit but my meds I'm going to go down by dropping one 25 mcg dose by one day a week, (or more), so in seven weeks (or more) I'll only be dropping by 25mcg and even then I'd be basing it on how I'm feeling and GP is happy to test bloods... Doing it this way I'm aiming for two years if it goes well so it's more of a slow ramble than a sprint but as I said, still planning, and I'll keep you all posted with what works and what doesn't, I'm not saying that everyone has to do it, as you say not everyone would be able to, possibly not even me, I just know that it's something I feel is worth a try with a lot of thought and support and some changes on my part...

    As for my supplement I have been told by admin (as I suspected) that I'm not allowed to post it as I have become a distributor :/ xx

  • PM me? Please? Pretty please? lol

    Honestly, though, you can't blame us for worrying about you. But if you succeed, I know lots more will follow. I will follow your progress with interest. Although, I suspect, it's a bit late for me.

    Hugs, Grey

  • I know :) it's nice to know there is lots of support ;) thank you :) xx

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