T3 sustained release update (Wilsons Protocol)

Well I'm weaning my second cycle, I got to 90mcgs twice a day, I have had glimpses of feeling about 60% normal which corresponds to my temp being at or close to 98.6F. My family says that I am more confident and mean a bit more business overall lol, As I'm weaning my temps are dropping but not as low as I was before the cycle. I'll be weaned off by Friday next week and will have a 2 day break then back on, and hopefully will need less T3 SR to achieve 98.6. I'll keep everyone informed on my progress, I believe that this has been my problem all along and I'm only 2-3 cycles of T3 SR away from feeling 100%.

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  • That's good news and you will be looking forward to finish your regime.

  • I will look forward to hearing how you progress. I tried following the Wilson's Protocol many years ago but it didn't work for me. However, my doctor and I decided that I just do so much better on extended release T3 so I've stayed on it for over 13 years and I feel great. Temperature and pulse are still low but I'm the best I've been since diagnosis in 1988.


  • That's interesting that Wilsons protocol didn't work for you, but great you have found how to feel normal. My first cycle I didn't feel anything but when I weaned I was very tied and irritable, my second cycle I started to feel better at 75mcg so I think there is a pattern and it lines up with some of the case studies on Wilsons protocol, its just great to have hope and gee I hope it works. It's amazing how some doctors just have little understanding eg 1 doctor I see says that body temp is a poor way of determining thyroid function, another 1 wants me to test TSH and T4 wile on T3 SR and I had to explain why this is a waist and that the TSH and T4 will be low, I said that the only ones worth maybe testing would be T3 and RT3 so he crossed TSH and T4 out and put T3 but will get this tested once I've weaned off so he doesn't panick at the high levels. Another doctor I see to get TRT doesn't know why I still feel tied and depressed on TRT its written every were that you may need thyroid support on TRT, I want to wean off TRT once I've completed the Wison's protocol because it not he problem. All the doctors and endo's I've seen have not much idea on hormone/ are poorly educated, the second doctor I mentioned said last visit that he is being question why he didn't send a women to hospital that had heart problems well if you can't read a blood test! I think that doctors now are so attached to prescribing drugs to fix symptom and so detached from the way the human body function, basically doctors are slaves to the Pharmacutical companies as well. I've tried many antidepressant (in the end new more about them than the psychologist which isn't hard) TRT, Desicated thyroid, Selegiline tablets, LDN and now T3 SR really my main problem is lack of energy and tiedness who wouldn't get depressed dealing with this.

    Sorry for the rant

    Kind regard Angus1

  • Hi Jane

    good to hear about your success with TR T3. where do you get it ? I'm UK based


  • I'm UK based as well but lived in the USA for 15 years until 2003.

    My British GP writes a prescription for which I pay him £10. He then faxes the prescription to medaus.com which is a compounding pharmacy in Alabama.

    I don't know if this will help. I know that some people get T3 from Greece as it is an over the counter drug there.

    Good Luck


  • No, mine from Medaus is compounded time release.

  • I am talking about time or extended release but on occasion while waiting for a delivery, I have had to take ordinary T3, just spacing out doses to keep enough of the drug in my system at all times.

    I haven't noticed any differences in my wellbeing.

  • Thanks Jane. Will explore with my doc. Do you pay for the compounded med ?

  • Yes I pay the GP £10 for facing the prescription. I then pay about £240 for six months medication and then I pay around £56 VAT. This includes international shipping.

  • Sorry for the late reply I only just realised you have to become a member of the group to reply I'll put that down to brain fog. I get T3 SR from nation wide pharmacy in Melbourne Australia on a perscription from my GP doctor.

  • I didn't do well on Wilson's. I finally found I was able to tolerate immediate-release T3 at the dose I need; have been on both immediate-release T3-only, and T3+T4. I was inspired to go back to immediate-release when I read the story about how the late John Lowe took 150mcg of immediate-release T3 every day.

  • Hi Eddie

    DO you take T3 and T4 ? I am doing OK on T3 immediate release apart from juggling doses of both!

  • Yes, I take T3+T4=15+75mcg, once per day at bedtime. When I was on T3-only, I spread my T3 out over the day in 5*12.5mcg doses, but after reading how John Lowe used to take his T3 just once per day, I wonder if that would have worked for me.

  • I am going to try taking T3 in one dose as you say, with T4. does taking it at bedtime affect your sleep ?

  • T3 does not affect my sleep. In fact it seems to improve it. If you haven't read the STTM stuff on the T3CM (T3 Circadian Method, documented by Paul Robinson), go on over to StopTheThyroidMadness.com and check it out. NDs are obsessed with supporting the adrenals with stuff like adrenal glandulars, vit C, HC, etc.; but I've found that T3 and free amino acids are the adrenal supports I need, that give me sleep of the proper length and quality.

  • I was taking only t3 for 3 months before to clear my rt3 and just recently I decided go on just t3 instead of t4/t3 combo I was on. I am always taking t3 several times a day, I don't believe in this sustained release. If you spread your doses I really don't see where is the point of sustained release.

  • Precisely. There is no point to sustained release. It is just a solution in search of a problem ... which ends up with you spending additional money that can be better used otherwise.

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