Worms and autoimmune disease

This is mostly about conditions like MS and ulcerative colitis but there are also thyroid folk in the article: nytimes.com/2016/06/19/maga...

(I have an extreme aversion bordering on phobia when it comes to parasitic worms, but there were no photos so I made it through relatively unscathed. :-) )

Any thoughts?

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Fascinating and kind of revolting at the same time. Very balanced article, I like that the author tried it but when it didn't help isn't dismissing the therapy out of hand. I hope there is more research into the potential benefits.

Yes, I thought the tone was good. Totally revolting, too right. I'd have to be very ill indeed to consider it.

Fascinating article! Thanks for posting. :)

We're really beginning to learn how our gut biome affects our health. Not sure if I'll share this with my hubby yet though, I've just managed to get him off the gluten and dairy, he has UC and I have Hashimotos so we're all about the gut. Thanks for sharing, I'm glad I finished my lunch first though 😂

Yes, it is not a pre-lunch read!

Dr Perlmutter in the Hashimoto's healing summit today actually makes a mention of using worms as in the article above.

In a similar direction .....fecal transplant. Another avenue for improving gut flora



Yes, I read about that! It is a measure of how I feel about w***s that I would do a fecal transplant tomorrow if it meant avoiding the other. :-)

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