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LDN ndt and metformin

Does anyone have any experience of taking low dose naltrexone, desiccated thyroid, and metformin all together. I have gluten intolerance, rheumatoid arthritis, very low basal temperature (lowest was 34.9, averages around 35.3) , probable adrenal problems if the standing / sitting blood pressure test is anything to go by, and I am finding it impossible to lose weight . GP predictably says I am completely healthy. I have started taking ldn, which I think is helping the RA, but is not helping with the weight. Anybody any advice for me before I go and try and find a private doctor to have a conversion with??



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Do you have any blood test results with ranges - that your Doc has declared Normal ? If you are able to post them in a new post - someone will comment. When Docs say Normal - they usually mean - in range. The ranges are often very broad and in many cases you need to be at the TOP of the range.

Isn't Metformin contra-indicated with thyroid medication ? Not sure about that one :-(

Glad the LDN is working for you....


Thanks for your quick reply. (BTW I meant conversation not conversion in the previous post!)

My bloods were:

serum free t3 4.2 (range 3.9 - 6.7)

serum free t4 13.9 (range 12 - 22)

serum tsh 3.56 (range .27 - 4.2)

Hence diagnosis of euthyroid. The doctor refused to do any other tests, so I am going to have to go and have those done privately. I am going to get iron, ferritin, vitamins thyroid antibodies and RT3 done. Plus anything else that might be relevant.

In the past I have had fasting glucose that showed I was borderline diabetic / pre diabetic. I have now bought a glucometer and the occasional one of my results is the same as the doctor's blood test; most are way higher. And post prandial figures are way too high - even with a low carb / gluten free meal. So metabolic syndrome seems to be indicated.

My blood pressure is also now very high (178 / 105) - not that the GP has ever tested it!, but has agreed that I can have the 24hr BP monitor next week.

So I am not exactly happy with UK GPs and NICE guidelines.

What's the metformin / thyroid medication problem? I thought they were supposed to be OK

Thanks again


Sorry - it is B12 that is compromised with Metformin. It affects the uptake which in my book is not good. Low B12 is a very serious issue.

Your TSH is too high for someone on medication and the T4 and T3 too low. It is quite possible that if you were optimally treated your borderline sugar issues would resolve - and also the raised BP. After all the pancreas is yet another endocrine gland. All muscles need good levels of T3 - including muscles of the heart :-)

I would suggest you will have Thyroid anti-bodies - as you have RA - which is also auto-immune. They do like to hunt in packs ....

I would add VitD to your list of tests - that will help with EVERYTHING - it is more than a vitamin - it is a steroidal pre-hormone as well as anti-inflammatory. Needs to be OPTIMAL as do all the other tests. Do not let your Doc say Normal again !!

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Thank you Marz! Really helpful comments. I'm going to have to consult a private doctor I think - my GP is unbending. If anyone has any suggestions for a good doc in the London / Oxfordshire area please could you message me

Incidentally I'm not on any medication at the moment - I'll wait for blood tests and consultation with private doc (if anyone has any recommendations in the London area please message me). I experimented with 2 morning doses of .25mcg cynomel and did not feel well, so abandoned that as a bad idea.


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