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What are the alternatives to Armour?

I am hoping for some advice on alternatives to Armour as I can not afford to buy it since the rise price. I havd been on it for 6 months now and have seen so much improvement in fatigue and carpel tunnel sysmptoms, I really don't want to have to go back to T4 again.

I have tried to find an Endo to prescribe it, but no joy in the Cambridgeshire/Norfolk area.

Also any suggestions on where to buy NDT at reasonable cost would be most appreciated (by PM please).

Also a BIG THANKS to you all as I would not have plucked up the courage to try NDT without you all :-)

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I am glad you have found a benefit with Armour and am sorry about the price rise. I took Naturethroid but cannot remember what I paid for it. I wonder if your GP would give you a private prescription - but you can ask the pharmacist if he can source it for you.

Someone will respond with the information you need.


Here are the alternatives and I do hope you can get something similar. I think you will find something available.


Hi Heloise, thanks for that. I have had a look. There are quite a few to choose from so will have to do some research. I have had replies from others who have had the same problem with the price of Armour too


Realistically, there aren't as many choices as listed.

Have a look here:

Plus the two Thai products (not listed there because detailed, accurate information does not appear to be available).



Hi Rod,

Yes that does limit the list doesn't it. I am going to just bite the bullet and try something different. I won't know u til I try something new whether it's ok for me. Anything must be better than T4 only as I was so ill on it. Many thanks for the info.

Are you the person who found a GP to prescribe NDT in Cambridgeshire area? If so could you PM me the details please?

Thanks again



No - I take levothyroxine only. German.

I know someone on Nature-Throid - and has been long term. Not perfect but better than levothyroxine for that person.


Lisa, I didn't mean to suggest you could order any or all of those listed. Just wanted you to see the variety of comparable NDT's. I know someone who is using or did use the Tai product.

Perhaps if you put out a question for a specific brand, and you might get some responses that way. I've read good reports.


Lisa, did you get the private message? You will see a little red circle by your name at the very top. Just click on that.


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