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Radio 4 programme 'Inside Health' features an item on throid and pregnancy

This is advance notification of the radio 4 programme Inside Health.

The programme is to be broadcast next week on Tuesday 7th October at 9 pm and repeated on Wednesday 8th October at 3.30 pm.


One of the items being discussed is “Looking after your thyroid during pregnancy and why it matters”.

It was mentioned at the end of this weeks broadcast.

Don’t worry if you miss it, the episode is available to listen to for one year after broadcast, hope it is helpful to forum members - Maddie

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I'll be interested in this as they had a piece on pregnancy in early 2012, I became pregnant soon after and drs did not know the guidelines.

Will be interesting to hear if there's anything new.

Also found I was on the faulty TEVA at the same time which didn't help matters!

I must say it caused a lot of anxiety.


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