BBC Radio Scotland this morning - reminder

Just to remind members that Lorraine Cleaver whose case is before the Scottish Parliament about the woeful treatment of thyroid patients is being interviewed on BBC Radio Scotland this morning. It can also be listened to on i-player shortly after the broadcast.

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  • shaws - the programme lasts for 3 hours, do you know what time Lorraine will be speaking?

  • Thanks cinnamon-girl

    I had no clue it was going to be THREE hours. That should be interesting. Maybe we can listen to it in pieces on i-player? I believe it starts at 9 a.m. maybe it has other people on it too giving their experiences.

  • I fancy a lazy day so will be tuned in!!

  • O.K. your the First Reporter to give your viewpoint. :)

  • lol

  •'s 1 HR 7 mins into the broadcast if you haven't already found it!

  • 10.00 am is the time so tune in then.

  • I felt Lorraine did well to put her points across although there were obviously time constraints. Other non-thyroid speakers spoke for longer describing their quite different situations. What I really wanted to hear was the percentage of thyroid sufferers who do not do well on Thyroxine and have been failed by the NHS.

  • Thanks. I did tune in and we were lucky, I think, that Lorraine had the first go. I have now sent an email as well and we could all do so if we wished.

    I think the second person who spoke about her 'thyroid' as well as her other conditions is one of our more 'famous' members.

  • Where did you send an e-mail to shaws?

    Yes, I guessed who that member was and she did well!

  • Goodness me I just can't imagine!


  • well done Mary.

  • Mary - can't believe the number of conditions you have, poor you.

  • I collect them as an interesting hobby. MaryF


  • Thanks shaws. Will get typing.

  • e-mail sent to the BBC.

  • Lorraine did really well for us all this morning, putting across points in a short and knowledgeable manner. Mary, also made a great contribution just to press the point home.

  • thank you for the link...Lorraine speaks about 1 HR 7 mins into the broadcast.

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