Depression and inflammation: Web article and radio programme

A useful article for those of us with Hashi's and/or other autoimmune conditions, to point the non-afflicted to, so they understand we have 'flu-like symptoms a lot of the time. Also, the hope of new treatment options: this has been an item on the news overnight, saying that a third of those with depression have high levels of inflammation.

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  • Fascinating.

  • Very very interesting. Also seems interesting that they just mention using drugs to quell the immune response instead of attempting to find the cause of the immune overreaction.

  • Obviously the trial is being funded by two pharmaceutical companies who want a payback from it. They are not doing it for our health but for potential profit!

  • Researchers are looking at individualized therapies and alternative uses for existing drugs. On this forum we're already frustrated by the one-size-fits-all approach and, related to the article, maybe we'll see availability of already existing Inflammation Therapy:

  • This is so interesting and follows my experience of depression and infection. I have been comparatively well lately after self treating B12 deficiency but a month ago my thyroid remnant swelled up and was very painful. My joints hurt my fingers swelled and I felt fluey and tired. A virus? I did actually think to myself this is inflammation happening in my body and my immune system is going to go on a wobbler and you're going to have to ride this out. And then I started to get depression symptoms which I thought -after lots of CBT was in control but it escalated and I had a terrible 3 weeks of significant depression that I couldn't understand where it had come from. Then symptoms resolved and the depression lifted. It all fits with this theory. Feeling much better and coming out the other side- you never know after clawing back a tiny bit of health and getting your life back what's coming next!! Staying positive and enjoying the small things in life are key x

  • Couldn't of said it better thank you

  • Good article though I fear thick people including some medical professionals will just say "but you don't have rheumatoid arthritis."

  • Rheumatoid arthritis was only used as a example of autoimmune inflammatory process.

    I still think it's important for the research to focus on the process of autoimmunity,as that would lead to a cure for the many autoimmune diseases.

    Ultimately curing the depression.

  • I saw this too - very interesting!

  • That's really interesting - thanks for posting.

  • Smallbluething,

    I think it's a very interesting hypothesis. I'll certainly be listening to the programme tonight.

  • I wonder how many of the depressed people had hypothyroidism either diagnosed (and undertreated) or undiagnosed (and untreated).

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