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Minor success at the gp today

Fed up of over three years of the gp telling me my hypothyroidism was in the normal range currently around 2.1 and my tiredness is due to stress or depression or lack of sleep I pleaded fircan alternative he was not happy as there apparently is no proof that alternatives work however he has agrred to up my dose to 100mg on alternate days and 75mg on others for two month's has anyone else suceeded with this or was this just to keep me quiet !!!!

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KAREN, what do you mean by alternatives? Maybe others would understand.

An increase might work for you since if you have been on only 75 mcg. for the last three years, that is a minimal dose. Even 100 is a low average dose but you may still find that it works well for you. There is nothing wrong with staying with Levo if it has been helping you.

Other factors like B12, D3, and iron are important to have at proper levels.


Yes i do currently take a gp prescribed vit d dose that did help a little.


Karen, undermedication is the reason most people feel they aren't doing well on Levothyroxine and seek alternatives. People on meds usually feel better with TSH just above or below 1.0. The dose increase will lower your TSH and improve your T4 and T3 which will hopefully resolve your symptoms.

Good ferritin levels 70-90 aid absorption of Levothyroxine and good vitD levels 75-200 aid conversion of T4 to T3. If you can persuade your GP to test ferritin and vitD it's worth asking for B12 and folate too. Low levels/deficiencies of any of the above can cause musculoskeletal pain, fatigue and low mood similar to hypothyroid symptoms.


thank you x


Karen, just being in the normal range isn't good enough. It needs to be in the optimal part of the range FOR YOU.

Always ask for a print-out of your results - it's your right in law to have it - then you can keep track of just what's been going on and where you are.

Keeping you on 75 for three years should be a criminal offence! A hanging offence, even! He should have tested you 6 weeks after the last increase in your dose, and up it by 25 - because I'm sure you needed it, even then. 75 is not nearly enough for most people. And 100 every day would have been better.

In a way he is fobbing you off, trying to shut you up from going on about 'alternatives'. But he's only doing what he should have done three years ago. But if that's what you have to do to get an increase, so be it! A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do!

But, if you can, a change of doctor might be a good idea, because this one's useless!

By alternatives, I guess you mean T3 or NDT. Doctors don't like prescribing these because they know nothing about them. But nagging always seems like a good idea, so don't give up!

Lots of luck!

Hugs, Grey

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Thank you for the support because we seem to be fighting all the time xx


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