Need an Endocrinologist who will treat Hashimoto's


Can anyone inbox me the name of an endo who's open minded to treating Hashi's even though my TSH is 'normal'? My T4/T3 are both on the border of range and I've been suffering varying symptoms for 2 years now and am gradually becoming more and more tired, ( stayed up till 11.30 last night and feel dead today)! My endo has advised watchful waiting but waiting for what? for my thyroid to be completely destroyed???

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  • Have replied again on your previous post :-)

  • How long are you supposed to watchful wait for? I wish I could wave a wand so that these endos and GPs could see what it's like to live a half life. I physically cannot stay up past 9pm, but i cannot complain as until i started managing my own health i was in bed by 8pm

    Good luck

  • I have no idea how long - he suggested a retest in 6 months. Also what are we waiting for? For my thyroid to destroy its self completely so I end up very ill and have to have it removed?? That seems like a sensible approach!

    I often go to bed at 9pm but def by ten, I've had to go to bed later this week and am exhausted as a result, I just thought I was getting older and becoming more knackered!

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