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Low platelet count

Had a complete thyroidectomy in February and am on 125mcg Levo. Recent blood test came back with good results (TSH: 0.10, Thyroglobulin <5.0 /1.4-78.0). However I notice a low platelet count (128/- range 150-400) and low red blood cell count (4.54 /4.6-6.2). The consultant did not comment on this. Any suggestions?

I should say that I am also on medication for Atrial fibrillation (Dilzem, Flecainide, Warfarin).

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As far as I know, low platelets can be a side effect of taking blood thinners (heparin-induced thrombocytopenia). Warfarin shouldn't cause that, but the combination of the two might mean that you are going to be prone to bleeding. Any nosebleeds or bleeding gums? I'm sure you and your GP are keeping a close eye on your INR, and you aren't taking any aspirin-based medicines.


Thanks for getting back -- I am meant to be seeing my GP soon. So far no nosebleeds or bleeding gums.


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