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What is reverse t3 test used for

Hello everyone. Well after months of suffering chronic fatigue confusion clumsiness etc I have finally got my gp to agree to do more blood tests. Recent TSH levels were 1.1 and I am currently on 100mg Levo. I am paying for my Free T3 and Free T4 to be tested as this is not routinely done by the labs but they cannot find anyone to do the reverse T3 test for me. What exactly does this show and without this result will it affect my chances of getting T3 Meds if thats what I need. He is also checking my B12 Ferritin and Folates along with a couple of others but wondering wether the reverse T3 being hard to get will affect the outcome. Thanks in advance.

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Reverse T3 (rT3) is inactive but binds to thyroid hormone receptors. However, little is known about rT3 and I don't think anyone knows how to interpret the numbers other than you don't want it to be too high if you are hypothyroid. I would not bother with an rT3 assay as it is expensive and not much use (in my opinion).

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