Tsh from 3-0.48?


Is it normal for tsh to go from 3 to 0.48 (0.35-6) ?

It is my sons result. He is not on any thyroid meds. He has symptoms so I am monitoring him. With the symptoms he has you would think he has bipolar. He is upbeat and positive one minute and in complete meltdown and suicidal the next. He is also irritiable, restless and is constantly picking his skin. He is taking vit b12, iron, vit d, coconut oil. We are also stabilising his blood sugar. He is eating healthy regular meals and snacks with lots of good protein and greens. He is even drinking green smoothies every day. His skin is glowing but he still has high anxiety and cannot cope with stress or normal daily life.

Thanks for any thoughts

Carolineanne x

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  • CarolineAnn, Ask your GP to test your son's thyroid peroxidase and thyroglobulin antibodies next time he has a a thyroid function test and make it early in the morning when TSH is highest. Positive autoimmune thyroid disease (Hashimoto's) is the most likely explanation for the fluctuation.



  • Ooh sorry forgot to say TPO is 11 so in range and thyroglobulin was negative. But I can't help feeling one day Hashimotos will show itself! Also, I made him take the test at 7.30 am and he did me the honor of not smoking before the test which was extremely difficult for him. No supplements or food or drink before the test. Thanks Clutter

    CA x

  • You can't rule out antibodies completely on the basis of one negative test. Levels vary. It should be done several times at intervals.

    Is he getting a decent amount of fat and salt in his diet?

    His symptoms sound very much like thyroid. Hypos are often diagnosed as being bipolar. Has he had his FT4 and FT3 tested, or just his TSH?

    Hugs, Grey

  • Hi Greygoose

    He is eating good fats. It has been a struggle to get him eating a good diet but we are getting there now.

    I asked the gp if I could pay privately to have the frees tested at the same time she was doing the tsh She wrote it on the form but the lab still did not do it. Frustrating to say the least as it is not easy to get him for a blood test. I will have to order a private one.

    There are many stories especially on STTM website of Hypos being diagnosed bipolar. My instinct is that it is early hypo. His tsh was 3.42 a couple of years ago. His temperature is low. He was extremely overweight as a child then lost it all. He has a wide thick neck. Wears glassses. So lethargic and slow and clumsy at times. Have to keep monitoring him I guess!


    Best wishes

    CA x

  • Does sound like Hashi's with the TSH going up and down like that.

    I think something ought to be done about those labs. Who do they think they are deciding what should be done and what shouldn't. They aren't doctors! Thank goodness I don't have that problem here in France. They do what the doctor requests, no problem. And if I ask them to do something extra if I pay, they do it. And the results are mine! I just have to go and collect them. It's such an awful situtation you have there in the UK.

    Don't forget the salts (and vit C) the adrenals need it!

    Hugs, Grey

  • I agree. It is such a dire situation in the uk. I will add in some Celtic salt. Thanks :)

    CA x

  • I had a lodger (male, late teenage) for a while who had these exact symptoms. He was eventually diagnosed with rapid cycling bipolar disorder. He is much better now. I don't know what he takes or whether he takes anything. I do know that for a while he took enormous quantities of vitamins under the supervision of a doctor in London, but I think maybe he takes bipolar meds now. (Incidentally as a teenager he was given ritalin for ADHD) I have another friend with severe bipolar disorder who is now completely well and able to lead a normal life now that he is taking bipolar meds. I hope you find help for your son soon.

  • Thanks eeng

    That's exactly what you would think he has 'rapid cycling bipolar' but I have read so many stories where the bipolar has turned out to be an untreated thyroid condition so there are so many doubts in the back of my mind.

    I'm glad you're friend was helped by meds. I've read lots on it and it is a very distressing condition for the person and their family.

    Best wishes

    CA x

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