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Need medic who can interpret and balance thyroid and adrenal hormones etc

Sorry just to continue my previous post, has anyone found a medical professional in London (area) who knows about balancing the hormones and minerals for the thyroid and adrenals. ( Anyone tried Marion Gluck pls pm ME)

I had the full Blue H .Thyroid Profile done at great expense a few months ago, but have not really got anyone to interpret the full picture.

I am happy to pay (well, thats the only way to get help I fear) but would like some recommendation, and prefer a 'proper' medic as have tried some very good homeopaths, but its such a slow process.


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Hi Daffers, thanks for posting. I hope you had replies via PM.


No replies. perhaps no one has knowledge of such a person - if they do exist in London. Thanks amyway


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