T3 headaches

Hi everyone,was prescribed 10mcg of T3 to take with 75 of levo,but I have noticed I am having more migraine headaches,I already suffer from chronic migraine,also feel sickly after taking T3 too,has anyone else had this with T3,I am trying to persevere with it as my muscles feel better and I have lost a bit of weight and I am definitely less bloated,any advice would be appreciated

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  • Did they reduce your T4 slightly, when adding T3? Just a thought as they usually reduce levo.

  • yes they did reduce it i was on a 100 of levo before that

  • I take T3 alone. Do you have the batch number on your box and date?

  • No dont have the batch number shaws,it just came in a container saying take half a day, it was 20 mcg got them at the end of July,I had just been to see DR Toft and he was hopeful they might help me,just dont want to give up on them,I'm hoping I will get used to them

  • Well I certainly hope your headaches will improve. Maybe the suggestion of bedtime dosing might help you as suggested by Nik07.

  • Thanks Shaws,I will give it a try

  • I recently switched to NDT and had headaches. Someone on this forum suggested I take my meds at night which has seemed to help. I can still feel a tightness in my head but nothing to how it did feel. It might be our bodies getting used to the T3. I hope you feel better soon.

  • Thanks Nik,I might try that and take them at night,I have chronic migraines anyway and the fact that they are worse is so debilitating,but dont want to give up on T3 as it has helped in other aspects like weight and bloating,which is so good

  • My friend had migraines for years. She saw a chiropractor and has not had one since. In my experience of this disease, it is one thing after another! All the best.

  • tried everything known to man to help my migraines Nik,thanks

  • How are your adrenals? Have you had your Bs, vit D, iron, Ferritin, magnesium, zinc and all that tested. You could very well be low on magnesium. That causes headaches.

    Hugs, Grey

  • Thanks for the reply Grey,I haven't had all the above checked in a while,but I do supplement all of these,except iron and ferritin as the were ok when I had them checked before,but it was well over a year ago so maybe get them checked again x

  • Good idea! :)

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