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1st blood results: advice please?

Hi! I have just got my blood results which are *drumroll* normal! I managed to get my GP to print them out and so I'll give what I think are the most important ones.

TSH: 2.7 mU/L

Free T4: 12 pmol/L

Total T3: 1.9 nmol/L

B12; 249 ng/L

serum folate: 6.6 ug/L

He checked out liver function as well but I'm not sure that's needed. He checked for TRAB antibodies but of course I know from a quick check that he should (if suspecting hypothyroid) have checked for TPOAb instead.

I'm a 42 yo woman, about 50lbs overweight (although I also have an eating disorder so that doesn't help); I have chronic plantar fasciitis which is debilitating, fatigue, panic and anxiety symptoms, hypersensitivity to perfumes and smells, scanty periods and a tendency to get overwhelmed very easily.

Does it sound like I should pursue this more? I know I was surprised at how low my B12 was and found that in the US, it's being suggestd TSH as low as 2.5 should be treated... what do you think? Sorry there's no free T3 result, not sure why that was missed out. Many thanks for any advice.

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Kittysmummy, can you post the lab ref ranges (the figures in brackets after your results) to help members interpret and comment.


Hi Clutter, sorry it's beena while but I lost my results.

TSH - 2.7 (0.2-4.5 mU/L)

Free T4 - 12 (9-21 pmol/L)

Total T3 - 1.9 (0.9-2.4 nmol/L)

B12 - 249 (180-2000 ng/L)

My GP tested for graves disease antibodies, not TPOAb :-/

I've started taking a good woman's multivitamin w high B12, plus the Nutrition Adrenal & Thyroid supplements - only one of each so far but I'm going to try two of the Thyroid to see if it helps. My worst symptom is terrible foot pain (of two years)... Plus lots of others.

Thanks for asking.


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