Painkillers, advice please?

Morning all,

I take my Levo at about 5 in the morning. How long do I need to wait until I can take pain killers please?

I had dental work and a nerve was hit and I'm in agony but afraid to take a tablet yet as im not sure what I can take or when. I've got paracetamol in my bag.

If anyone could advise as soon as poss I'd be grateful as I'm in agony. Thank you.

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  • Thank for the link. It led me to think I shouldn't take anything at which is a bit of a bummer as I have a whole days work ahead if me and my face/head is agonised.


    Thanks for taking the time todo the link.

  • When I have been in agony with tooth problems... ( Abcesses). I haven't given a second thought to whether I should have painkillers near to thyroid meds. Never caused any problems. I always liked co proximal, but they stopped it in favor of co codemol, which makes my feel dizzy and sick....

    Hitting a nerve usually kills it.... When I had the freezing stuff injected into the roof of my mouth he hit a nerve and part of my mouth stayed numb for months..... I kept biting my tongue...

    Commiserations....... :-(.

    Xx. G

  • Thank you. It is rather unpleasant. :)

  • Northie, 2 hours away from thyroid meds is fine, but like Galathea, pain relief for toothache would trump thyroid meds and I'd take pain relief as and when I needed it. I hope you feel better soon.

  • Hi I Take my co- codamol at the same time as NDT with no problems. I sympathise with your tooth pain

  • I find straight ibuprofen (or even the dreaded aspirin) hits the toothpain spot - however mine was taken out and I no longer suffer, but eat slower- 2nd worst pain Ever!

    for any adverse effects - see (I avoid co-codamol - exacerbates horrid constipation)

    PS er since supplementing Vit D had no tooth worries. J x

  • Thank you everyone for your responses. Much appreciated.

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