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I was diagnosed hypothyroid after the birth of my 2nd child in 2008. Since then I have largely stuck my head in the sand and so consequently I still feel completely uneducated with regard to the condition. Its all so confusing! My GP seemed uninterested/lacking in knowledge and when I got a referral to Endo the doc there seemed guarded and vague as to the treatment of my symptoms - which are terrible bowel problems (diarrhoea, bloatedness, cramps), fatigue, achy joints, deteriorating eyesight to name a few!

I would really like to know if my symptoms are related to my hypothyroid but don't seem to be able to get the answers to this. I take 100mcg Levo and 20mcg Lio daily. How do I know if this is the right medication for me? It sure doesnt feel like it is! How do I find out what tests I should be asking for and what I can be doing to help my symptoms (e.g: diet). I feel completely stuck in a cycle of not 'not knowing what I don't know' - if that makes any sense at all! THANK YOU for reading x

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First - get into the habit of always asking for print outs of all test results. You need these for your own records, to help you spot trends and to see which tests haven't been done. It's also amazing how a doctor's idea of "normal" changes when they know you will see the results.

These are the tests you need: TSH, FT4, FT3, Vit D, Vit B12, iron, folate, ferritin, thyroid antibodies. Ask your GP's surgery for print outs of the ones that have been done and make an appointment to have any that are missing. The clues will be there. Don't accept their verdict - make sure you get the print outs.

It's common for hypo people to be low on some of those vits and minerals and all need to be well in range for thyroid meds to work.

Then, consider if you might also have adrenal problems. They go hand in hand with hypothyroidism and your doctor won't even acknowledge them.

There's a good questionnaire here

If that sounds like you, order the saliva cortisol test from Genova UK. Instructions here


Welcome to the forum, Pink_Campion.

Your symptoms are consistent with under treated hypothyroidism. Eye sight does deterioriate after age 40 so, without knowing your age, you may need an eye exam.

If you post your recent thyroid blood results with the lab ref ranges (the figures in brackets after your results) and say what dose and medication you are taking members will advise whether you are optimally medicated.

Ask your GP to test ferritin, vitamin D, B12 and folate as hypothyroid patients are often deficient/low and these deficiencies can cause musculoskeletal pain, fatigue and low mood similar to hypothyroid symptoms. Post your results with the lab ref ranges (the figures in brackets after your results) in a new question and members will advise whether supplementation is required.

A gluten-free diet may help with the diarrhoea, bloating and gas. Try it for 3 months and if it doesn't help you can reintroduce gluten.


Thank you Rosetrees and Clutter for your replies. I have asked for my latest blood test results from my surgery. Recently I have had TSH FT4 and FT3. I don't think I have had Vit D, Vit B12, iron, folate, ferritin or thyroid antibodies. What do do if my doc refuses to do those blood tests and says they are not necessary?

I have just done the adrenal fatigue questionnaire but scored low - in the category 'very mild or not at all'.

I am 50 and have booked an eye exam for this week!

Will post again with blood test results when I get them.

Thanks again ladies :-)


Pink Campion, if GP refuses ask why and then ask why he thinks you symptomatic if he won't rule out deficiencies in those vits/minerals?

Then go and book in with another GP in the surgery and request the tests. I found the registrar GPs fresh from the hospital are keen to do blood tests :)


It might help going gluten free' the gaps diet or specific carbohydrate diet. I m doing gluten free and it has helped with gassy stomach and bloated tummy I had. But in your case it could be lactose, or wheat that upsets your tummy. I'm no Dr, so take what I say with a pinch of salt. Celiac testing might be a good starting point.


Thanks Minus. I am considering going gluten free but it seems gluten is in everything! However I know it makes sense to give it a go.

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