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Hi All,

Very new to all this-- in fact I only found out that I have an overactive thyroid on Monday!

I don't know any of my levels as my dr didnt say, but I do know that I am feeling unbelievably awful and not sure what to do to help that.

My symptoms are:

Very fast heart rate (130-140 on resting)

shortness of breath anytime I move, so thirsty constantly,

excess sweating,

can't sleep well at night, but so tired in the day I can't stay awake,

Hair loss- lots of hair loss!

Muscle and joint pain all the time, brain fog and can't ever seem to concentrate or think straight!

There's probably lots more that I haven't linked with this, but I suffer terribly with asthma and lung disease, I also have pelvic congestion syndrome and chronic pelvic pain with that, so it's hard to tell what's what most of the time! But I know that the above symptoms are related to the thyroid as they have been getting progressively worse recently.

My doctor didn't want to do anything due to my existing health problems. I'm only 29 but right now I feel every second of that.

I can't see the the endocrinologist on an urgent referral until 24th April, (first available appt) which seems ages away when I feel like this!

Have any of you found any ways of helping these symptoms without medication? Even if it only slightly helps I would be ever so grateful!!

Any info would be very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance

Charley x

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Firstly if you smoke ...STOP IMMEDIATELY

your gp is wrong not to prescribe carbimazole just same as april is too far away for urgent endo appt try phoning the nhs endo secretary to see if they can expedite

its possible that kelp will soothe for a while

get your GP to sign you off sick meanwhile because you must rest

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Thanks for replying :)

I gave up smoking when I found out I had lung disease and asthma, I must be nearly a year into giving up now- best thing I've ever done!

That's a good Idea, I hadn't thought of ringing them myself, my head is on another planet I'm sure! Ill try that first thing tomorrow!

I am unfortunately not working due to my other health issues but as a single mum to two lovely kids rest is a luxury!! However I get in as much as I can while they are at school.

I will look into kelp too, thanks so much for the advice, I'm happy to try anything at this point!!



Have to both agree and disagree with some of the advice given above. I have Graves Disease (GD/auto-immune thyroiditis). Stopping smoking is the best thing you can do for your health generally and for your overactive thyroid so well done on that! Do go back to your GP receptionist/secretary and ask for a print out of your test results - you have a legal right to get these and they should either be free or only a nominal sum charged for paper and printing. Post them on here and ask for feedback. Ask your GP to start you on propranolol for the fast heart rate. The high T3 and T4 is making your heart work very hard (and can weaken/damage it) and the propranolol will ease this, protect your heart and reduce your heart rate. This is particularly important if there is a delay in seeing an endo. Your GP should feel happy to prescribe propranolol. He/she might also consider starting carbimazole with advice from an endo - he can contact them for advice on starting dose. Also contact the endo's secretary to see if there is a closer appointment available - especially if your GP is unhappy about prescribing carbimazole for you (some are because it is a specialist area and the anti-thyroid drugs need special consideration and monitoring initially). I disagree with taking kelp - I have GD and was told specifically to avoid kelp. It contains lots of iodine and (in theory at last) has the potential to enhance T4 and T3 production. You have too much T3 and T4 at the moment if you are hyper. Then get on the Internet and read up on overactive thyroid and the advice for managing it. and thyroid are good sites - the latter being very academic but also factual/evidence based. Importantly you may need to adjust your diet (lots of veg and fruit and plenty of good protein - fish & chicken eg) and take supplements. Also, very importantly, you need to get plenty of sleep/ rest (propranolol will help this) and manage physical and mental stress and anxiety. These are major causes/aggravators of overactive thyroid problems. You also need to strengthen your immune system - using diet and stress management. Overactive thyroid is usually an immune system problem which results in the over-stimulation of the thyroid - you need to strengthen and calm your immune system. Resist attempts to use RAI or thyroidectomy - they should be used as last resorts and only when there are no other options or the over activity of the thyroid is life threatening.

Finally use this forum to ask for help and advice as you are already doing - it is a treasure trove of information but bear in mind that much of the advice given is personal opinion and may not be impartial or evidence based. Good luck with your journey - I was in the same place as you exactly one year ago. Happy to share what I have learned with you if you need further information.


I am sorry you are having problems with hyperthyroidism.

As recommended above, get a print-out of your blood test results with the ranges and post for comments.

I hope you feel better soon as it is too long to wait for an Endocrinologist's appointment. Definitely propropanol should ease your fast heart rate.


Thanks, I did look into the kelp after last night and saw that it's best avoided. I love to read up and be informed about everything!!

I'll pop into the docs after I've done the school run this morning, to see if I can get a copy of my blood results, I must admit I'm rather curious to see these too, my doc is pretty much useless about most things, but called me the day after my blood test to make an emergancy appt for this!

I know that I can't have propranolol due to my asthma which is quite bad. I was on it before for anxiety and it really helped! When I got Ill with asthma they stopped it instantly as its known to make asthma lots worse.

I think this has all just made my anxiety worse I seem so nervous about everything at the mo. Trying to stay calm is almost impossible!

Luckily I managed to sleep a bit better last night, woke up with my heart still racing though!

Thanks again for your advice, I am very grateful for it! I love this site for my other illnesses and think getting advice from others in the same situation is really useful and informative.

Fingers crossed that the receptionist at the Drs is in a good mood this morning!!!

Hope you are feeling well and have a good day today :)

Thanks again



Hiya, luckily I managed to get a print out of my results and they are:

My Serum free T4 level= 26.6pmol (normal 12.00-22.00 pmol)

My Serum TSH level= <0.01miu/L

(normal is 0.20-4.20miu/L)

It doesn't say anything about the T3 levels- I take it I wasn't tested for it (I primarily was being tested for bone profile when this was found)

They obviously aren't great but I didn't know if they are just 'not great levels' or if they were 'really bad levels'!

Any advice would be gratefully received! Xx


Your GP should really have started you on Carbimazole, you will be put on an anti thyroid by the Endo anyway and would help with your symptoms. As long as you are not on too high a dose for too long it will definitely make you feel better. If you were to start on it now, you could have a blood test just before seeing the Endo (4/5 weeks) to see what difference the Carb has made and whether you need a decrease in dose.


Welcome to the forum. I'm glad you have found us and I'm sure you will get loads of help. I'm underactive so can't advise you from personal experience but always get a printout and post your results with the ranges ( they differ from lab to lab) as its good to keep an eye on your own progress and it will help others in commenting. The jury is out with kelp. It seems to be more of an individual thing in that it seems to react differently with different people so certainly not a good idea whilst you are learning about side affects etc. read and learn all you can and ask questions on here. Good luck and I hope you are soon put on treatment and start to feel better. It is worthwhile though ringing to see if you can get an earlier appointment as say you will take a cancellation if one comes up.


I am so sorry that you feel so unwell, have you looked at your diet? Under Active Thyroid can be controlled with changes in your diet ? Going wheat free Gluten free Dairy free and sugar free ? Helps some people,it helped me !


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