Wilsons Temperature Syndrome

Hi all

After months of battling with doctors to be told that all my TSH levels are within "normal" parameters it was suggested that I take my temperature 3 times a day to see what the reading were. Imagine my surprise when my temp 3 hours after waking is only 35.6, over the past few days my average body temp is around 36 degrees C. Apparently this could be causing some of my issues any ideas?

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  • Hi I have always had a very low body temp. Before treatment I had a below normal Free T3. Is yours OK?Now on the correct treatment I still have very low body temp, I always have unless ill.


  • Hi yes while I was on levothyroxine my temperature was between 34-35 even though at night I felt like I was burning hot my temps were still low. On t3 my temps are back up and and at night I'm not burning hot

  • Low body temperatures normally point towards being Hypo. Check out Dr Broda Barnes - no longer alive - but was a great believer in the temperature protocol for thyroid issues.....

    Best to take your temperature on waking before getting out of bed I was told. I believe the Wilsons protocol is to do with Adrenals isn't it ?

    You have reminded me to take mine :-)

  • My temperature does daft things. I've not taken my temperature but I get where I feel very cold and I go to bed and have an afternoon nap when I wake my temperature is back to normal and I'm no longer shivery and cold. I have adrenal issues though.

  • highly indicative of hypothyroid

    you need to get actual TSH figures and insist on thyroid antibopdies and Free T4 being tested

    any nonsense from doctor saying lab wont do it tell him to write ? central Hypothyroid on the form

    that's when its a pituarity failure and its not as rare as they claim

  • What about temperature that continually fluctuates; one minute I'm cold the next too hot.

  • Virtually everyone with hypothyroidism and hypoadrenalism has a low body temperature. Is Wilsons another made up syndrome to avoid treating the underlying cause?

    Order the saliva cortisol test from Genova UK thyroiduk.org.uk/tuk/testin...

    Most adrenal forums recommend taking your temperature as a way of knowing whether your cortisol levels are optimal. I'm struggling with that, although my temperature has gone up. Usually around 35.8 when I wake, up from 35.5

  • Wilson's may be made up or not (it is very controversial) but the treatment is T3. Does it avoid treating the underlying cause? I couldn't say.



  • Hi there is a school of thought that would suggest that this is a problem but trying to find an NHS dr to treat you thats another thing. You will have to find a private dr that specialises in this area.

    John c

  • Hi Hellybell - I have the same temps. Some days mine have been as low as 35.2C. My endocrinologist ran tests which showed 'normal' TSH but low T3. He didn't seem too fussed about the low temperatures though. I'm currently waiting for further tests. Do keep me posted if you hear of any advice on correcting low basal body temperatures!



  • Low thyroid causes low Adrenal function..low cortisol. T3, not timed released is a better bet. Wilson's syndrome is really just low metabolic rate, which is hypo!

  • Yes Iv just been told I may have wilsons by dr Asher

  • hi

    I,ve found liquorice helps


  • This is a link re Basal Temperature:


  • I also have had a much lower temperature since being diagnosed with hypothyroidism. Levothyroxine did not work for me -a natural desiccated thyroid works out best. I have found I need to be careful of the fillers in tablets as some of the filler seem to inhibit uptake. i know when my thyroid treatment is not working as my temperature drops -amongst other symptoms!

  • Hi all thanks for the replies. Have been checking temps 3 times a day for the past for days

    average temp is about 35.6 to 35.8. This seems to be low. Have also been told that a low basal temp can also contribute to slow metabolism? this could explain some of the inability to lose weight!

  • I came across this website and email address normalbodytemperature.co.uk... html. On there, Janey Hood (janeyhood1@gmail.com) writes about her exchange of emails with Steve Richfield of Central Metabolic Control Systems (his own research and practice). He is a holistic thinker and quite scathing about the big lies he has found in the medical and chemical industries. They had compromised immune systems and suffered from low body temperature. She had hypothyroidism, breast cancer and many other illnesses which responded resoundingly to Steve's approach which he had tested on himself. See what you think after delving into her story: I took most of yesterday to read and absorb it and try out the method of raising your low base temperature rate by 'training your pituitary' like one would a dog, and I spent a day using the method to heat my body up to the optimum temperature for coping with any illness and toxic imbalance. The next day my own body, which has had a set point of 35 or 36 degrees C raised itself to 37 degrees much more easily and quickly. I have told my GP that I am monitoring how this could work for me in getting my thyroid condition into equilibrium. Quite impressed at the moment. I can't describe what it was like to go shopping with a hat, winter coat and leg warmers, and Ugg boots with plastic bags inside to stop my sweat ruining the sheepskin linings. It was a sunny day too. Hey ho.

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