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Advice please

Just joined this Forum and am thinking I must be daft as well as stupid as had no idea that thyroid caused other health issues.Had an over active thyroid then radiation therapy resulting in under active thyroid. Over 10 years taken varying quantities of Levo and now on 100/125 alternating daily. Became depressed (thought it was menopausal symptom) so took anti-depressant, bad pins and needles (had carpal op). Visited a nutritionalist who diagnosed possible adrenal problems. This could be a possibility as was tested a year ago for Addison's disease (irregular heart beat/sickness/then passing out) Now symptoms are heart racing/chronic diarrhoea/anxiety. She could arrange a test costing £100. Could My GP do this test? Is there any other way to deal with over active adrenal gland as thinking it is down to thyroid function?

If anyone experienced anything similar would be grateful to learn more.

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Hmmm, That sounds like adrenals which aren't working too well rather than producing too much..... If you don't have enough cortisone you run on adrenalin, which accounts for the jittery feeling the fast heart and the dire rear.... The test which many of us have had is the saliva adrenal test.... Its about £80 and you can deal with the lab yourself.... Details on the home page of the thyroid uk website, under testing.

G x


Thank you for your reply. Will arrange to do test as need an answer soon.


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