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What has happened to the emails?

We used to receive a daily email containing the headlines of all the questions asked over the previous 24 hours which was really useful if you just wanted to look at those issues that affected you. Now you only get one question and one post and if you want to see more you have to log into the website which, with broadband speeds lower than dial-up most of the time here in Mid-Wales, takes forever and I just lose patience... Please can we have the old emails back?

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I agree Zephrybear. I much prefer the old format where we were emailed daily long lists of questions and blogs. A lot easier if the system is slow or time is limited so easier to click directly on an article that is of personal interest.


Maybe mention it on the Feedback green button on the right. They seem better than doctors at listening to their users ! :-) :-)


Marz, I didn't even realise they had moved the feedback button, I thought it had gone! I see my 'idea' has got 70 votes to date and is 'planned' whatever that might mean. I was only mentioning getting two posts 'chosen' for me and tags 'chosen' for me, but the title was 'Give us our lovely user friendly website back.'

As since then I've been moaning non-stop about the emails - either an absolute deluge of individual emails which take virtually all day to get through if you look at each one, and is exhausting and frustrating, or two 'Top Posts' chosen for us, neither of which is any use, I think I will feedback another 'idea' mentioning how much easier and faster the other system was. I have good broadband speed and it drives me mad - I didn't even think of that issue, which must make it impossible for some people. They say it's supposed to be getting improved....hmmm...

Edit: I've done it - I see there are others which are similar.


I was told that they had to disconnect the emails because of a technical issue but that it should be up and running again. I had a few yesterday but none today.

If you go to the Healthunlocked green bar at top, click on square box and go down the list on the left hand side till you see emails and put your preferences in the appropriate box.


I did that to change from 'Two Top Posts' which were pre-chosen for me, and these were the options I could chose from:

Email me when a someone creates a post in my communities

Email me when a someone asks a question in my communities

Email me announcements from my communities

Email me when someone responds to something I've written

Email me when someone sends me a private message

Email me a daily summary of what's new in my communities

Email me announcements, and occasional news, tips and insights from HealthUnlocked

Contact me for research purposes (eg: clinical

It doesn't give the option of receiving a daily digest containing 20 or 30 posts that I can see at a glance (ie like the previous system). So - the first three mean virtually the same thing, the next two mean you don't get an email except when it is relevant to you personally (in which case you would miss everything else unless you log in to the website and specifically look for questions or posts). 'A daily summary of what's new' - don't know what that is, maybe the 'Two Top Posts' or could mean 'everything' - again basically the same as the first three or next two choices. Choices seven and eight could mean an email now and again.

What I'm finding hard to deal with is the choice between just two posts already chosen for me, when I would rather decide for myself what to read and am missing everything else, or getting 20 or 30 times the volume of emails, which I am now getting - (200 plus a week instead of six or seven digests). I DO want to see and join in with what people are saying, but not by means of individual emails for every single one! It's a complete nightmare unless you have nothing to do all day except open emails, not to mention having the energy and as somebody said, a fast broadband.

Also, how can you possibly save that volume of emails if you want to go back to one or more later to see if there are any further answers from when you first looked at them, or you think of something to add? It just isn't possible. A lot of valuable information and support will get lost, deleted or never even written. This way of delivering individual posts makes absoutely no sense and is really impractical as well as frustrating and infuriating. I know somebody is supposed to have thought this through (one would hope), but it doesn't feel like it.

Sorry again, rant over, but I really feel that this is important to us as a community.


Shaws, perhaps it would have been clearer if you said 'your username' or 'avatar'... I spent some time looking for a square box until it dawned that you probably meant the avatar..., but I agree with Kangagirl, that still doesn't help to get the old style daily summary email back, because that option is just not there... :-(


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