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is my vit.b12 to high

Please help me. my bloods results are : tsh 0.3 (0.27- 4.2) ft4 11.5 (12.0 -22.0) tt3 !.57 (1.3-3.1) vitb12 1293 (191-663) folate 13.2 (3.5 - 16.0) I am on Armour since April started on 90 grains and was put up to 110 grains since July. The Doctor has put me on another 45 grains, He asked me if i took vit. b 12. I told him i did (1000-2000 a day) . he then said that would explain the high b12 . But is that true can taken vit. b12 make your b12 go that high, i had stopped taken them a week before the blood test..

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Josephaine, your doctor is right, supplementing is the reason your B12 is high. You need to be off B12 for at least 8 weeks, possibly longer, to get a baseline for B12 as it takes around 4 months for the red blood cells to renew. You won't overdose on B12 as excess is excreted. Your range is very low, most top of the range in the UK is 900-1100.


Hi Clutter. I have a little argument in my head. I may be being stupid as didn't sleep at all well last night and can't think rationally! I agree with your 4 months without supplementing B12. I was taught a red blood cell lives for around 120 days so any in the system now will be replaced after they die with new untainted ones but does that matter if the doctor is aware that supplementing with B12 is happening? Or is it if it is under range he should he be finding out why? On the ranges, I'm in the UK but seem to think my range went up to 663 as well. Shall have to look.

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thanks Clutter that is good to hear.


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