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i live without thyroxine

about 15 years ago i had radio active 131 as i had graves (over active thyroid) and ever since ive had 150mg a day of thyroxine (no change)

having never worked and age 50 next month,and was told no more sick notes ever in 1992,i was surprised that the resent goverment find me "fit for work" so i thought id die instead in protest,and this summer i have missed 4 months of my thyroxine,,yes ive had symptoms,(the sort i got anyway now and again like head aches and like someone sitting on my chest ect)

But im fine (if not disapionted) my doctors didant seem to mind and said its upto me,when i saw another doctor the other day she said when i said "i thought id die" "no you wont,,do you want me to take it off your repeat perscriptions"

So np ill find another way,but it does make me wonder,why all the fuss over radio active treatments blood tests every 5 weeks for years,blar blar blar,when we dont need it anyway ?

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Ill also add ive been only 9 stone yet 6 foot in shoes since age14 age 50 next month,,none of any of this treatment the last 15 has changed my weight in any way,,35 years skinny ,and they said id put weight on when they fixed it,,haha,,even 4 months without any at all,,where is my weight gain ?


Welcome to the forum, Stewart1964.

It's possible that you have regrown thyroid tissue since RAI and this is producing some thyroid hormone. I have no thyroid and stopped medication for 4 weeks last winter. I felt well for a week or so but very ill after the 3rd week and was glad to resume medication.

It would be worth requesting a thyroid blood test to check your thyroid function as long term untreated hypothyroidism can lead to heart problems and osteoporosis.


5 months without now,few symptoms,but it looks like ill have to find another way to die (in protest to goverment cuts and scoring me no pionts as disabled with twisted hands and hospital shoes) i even commited suiside in a dream night before last,now its getting cold and i have no central heating or double glazing,and my hips and back hurt so much when i wake,then bones hurt anyway (authritus since age7 they say)i dont think i want to stay sadly anyway,,anyway low thyriod symptoms THEY ARE NOT REALLY STRONG BUT STILL,AS BEING FAST THYRIOD SYMPTONS SEEM STRONGER,= abit breathless,pain in chest heveyness,arms feel abit dead,indigestion for upto 12 hours after eating,not eating much feel full, face swelled up untill i could see it without a mirror turned into a massive boil,eye sight got worse(maybe normal as im 50 now) doing things seems harder work..oh well ploding on stu ps my docters know and although say "its upto you you have a right to refuse treatment" they also say "i have no sympathy,lots of disabled people work in the uk" put that on my toom stone


8 - 9 months without,,, still ok :-/ had a 100mg tablet at xmass,gave me a head ache for near a week,the same type of head ache id been getting alot when i was taking my thyroid meds in the last 15 years,and i thought it was as i needed glasses,hospital said reading glasses are normal for my age and far vision was 21 :-) and to use nothing stronger than 1-2 reading glasses of the 0-10 they make.

so thats another reason not to take it,some head aches lasted days and they were the pressure type


What are you suggesting? That we should all feel as ill as you do?

There are a number of different types of medication, although it takes some determination to get them.

I had a GP tell me I didn't need meds a few years ago. I lost my job before I took things into my own hands.


of interest my new girl frend (nurse of 35 years now a staff nurse) talked me into having a tablet (a 100mg ) had a head ache for 10 days from it so far,,,when i was on them i got alot of these head aches,but since put it down to needing glasses,went to see a hospital eye place,who said i only needed level 1 of the 10 reading glasses and my distance viewing was great as was 21,and the head aches stoped :-),,but i havant been taking thyroine for 8 months,now i know the thyroxine was def giving me the head aches,and they are not nice,i used to think they were them mirgraine type


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