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Natural thyroxine

Hi all this is my first post but here goes been under active for 4 years now one GP said I had hashimoto consultant didn't mention it . Anyway been on 125 levothyroxine in March was lowered to 100 by July felt so ill had bloods and this were results TSH 3.52 and free T4 18.3 now back on 125 I should feel better but I don't I feel very confused would natural thyroxine be better if so how do I get it consultant and GP wouldn't give any advice

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Welcome to the forum, Smithman. Do you have the lab ref ranges for your results as it helps members interpret and advise?

TSH should be around 1.0, although some people need it lower 0.2-0.5 to feel well. It can take 7/10 to feel any benefits from an increased dose.


Thanks for replying i asked for my results and that is all I was given consultant had discharged me back to GP as she said there is nothing more she can do for me. I have not felt truly well since being diagnosed they keep changing my doses been on anything from 75 to 150 I find it all very confusing .


Smithman, it's really important to get a print out of your results with the lab ref ranges (figures in brackets after your results) to keep monitor your health.

Ask your GP receptionist if the hospital has sent the results. If not, phone the endo's secretary and ask for them to be read to you, emailed or posted.

You will probably benefit from some T3, either Liothyronine or in natural dessicated pig thyroid if you've not felt well on T4 for 4 years.


Keep changing doses like that is bound to make you feel bad. It's messing with your metabolism. Refuse any reductions made on the grounds of the TSH. Insist you want your FT3 tested. You cannot be over-medicated if the FT3 isn't over-range. Nothing should be done without your consent, but if you say nothing it's taken as a yes! Stand your ground.

It is very confusing because doctors don't tell us anything - in fact, they don't really know what they're doing themselves! That is why you have to know your disease. Educate yourself by reading whatever you can. Everything you need to know is out there on the web. Yes, there is a lot of contradiction in opinions and advice. But the more you read the more you will be able to sort the chaff from the wheat. I'm afraid you have to be your own advocate in all things thyroid. It's the most mis-understood disease there is.

Welcome to the site.

Hugs, Grey

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Thanks will defiantly take everyone's advice on here I've had more help from my one post than 4 years from GP and consultant x

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I've sent you a private message


I suspect you may need a further increase.

Natural thyroid is definitely an option, if you can find someone to prescribe it.

There are other things to consider though and even natural thyroid won't work well if certain things aren't optimal. I would suggest asking for these tests; serum iron, ferritin, folate, vitamin b12, vitamin D and cortisol. These may be in the normal range but unless they are optimal (very different from just "normal") chances are you won't feel well on any thyroid medication. All of the above are essential for your body to convert and use thyroxine. They are also some of the most common deficiencies in thyroid patients :)

Natural thyroid is often better for people than thyroxine but the other things need sorting out too.

I hope that helps a little.

Carolyn x

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