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Hi everyone , all my friends . I had my endi app an hour ago. My update results are tsh 2.22 t4 11.4 so my endo is happy for be to come off my Carbi of 5mcg per day today!! Said results good come way back into a good range ? I feel happy although I said for last 2 weeks I have felt fuzzy & a bit more hyper , but I am due my period very soon could it be hormonal , maybe I see my gp? & I did stop my iron tablets because I was very constipated, however I feel maybe I should continue them again. but will do a preg test too arrrrrgh . Will let you know. So will have bloods checked every month, endo did day we may look at other options if relapse but I would be possibly happy to do Carbi again?? Hope not so fingers crossed, I was wondering how P1PP1Ns ,Clutter,Greenginger & any others who have been on Carbi Binkynoo xx

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  • Hi Binkyboo, glad endo is pleased with you.How long have you been on carb? I also come off next week so fingers crossed for us both ! I would give carb another go too although at times have felt hyper on it.Good luck x

  • ThanXu so much P1PpIns , will be staying on with everyone it's still a journey and good to know how everyone is doing even when come off medication etc, I'm thinking it may take a week to get Carbi out of system do you think. What are your results does your endo say in good range ? Iv been in normal range for a while but far from felt normal ha xxx

  • Hi again, I have been on Carbi since jan 14 , did say Graves' disease but didnt have the graves antibodies?? I was confused , anyway endo said was only a mild overactive , well felt more than mild ha. I really want to keep on supplementing want the the best vitamins so will be looking into this to help & keep my thyroid well being. Xx big hugs Binkynoo. X

  • Hi cant actually remember my numbers but yes I have been in range for a few months now.You usually identity Graves from the antibodies being positive but maybe they domt always have to be present not sure maybe someone else will know x

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