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Payments for my results on NHS

Letter from endo to GP and copied to me saying I'm now cured, but without all results or ref ranges so I called GP results line. Some one without any knowledge of maths tried to describe what she saw on the sheet so I asked if I can have a print out and that I would pay for paper if needed

Told I can have a print out for £6 - interesting - wonder where they buy their paper !!!!

In my new much reduced none professional job that's an hours pay - hey ho.

Said meekly "yes please I want to see what is written down" - is this usual practice folks?

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I'm afraid more and more people are experiencing this - I think its another way to stop us from obtaining our results. The more difficult they make it the more certain people will just give up. Glad to see you aren't one of

Moggie x


Too right - still less than the £91 for private version and waiting for my Genova Adrenal Profile to complete the picture. :-) x


I'd pay the £6, ask for a receipt and then contact Pals to find out if they can get away with this robbery!


Will file this suggestion for future reference - just in case.

Moggie x


I would say 'No Thank You' I would like to make an appointment to come in and view the WHOLE of my medical file and then I will be able to copy the results and anything extra myself.

Correct me if I am wrong but I don't think that they can charge more than £10 for just viewing the results?


Sorry meant to say the whole of medical records file.


Sorry again, I also meant to add that I am being charged £10 for local hospital to search my medical records and send me blood test results from last 6 admissions, all outpatients and also my GP surgery as the hospital lab also does GP bloods. I have calculated that I have had about 20 blood profiles done in the last 18 months, so £10 is not bad.


See the main Thyroid UK site:

Though I have not yet been charged...


My husband is considering charging them for the invoices we provide for the very discount paper rolls towels etc he sells them@£6 per page - wonder if they'd even notice>>>> -just joking - I'd like just two minutes looking at the screen so I could write them down myself and would even volunteer to write down some for other folks too. Bet my criminal record check wouldn't cover NHS - shame.


If the results are from more than 30 days ago, then yes they charge, its £10 here.

I have the blurb somewhere, but you are only entitled to get copies free for the fist 30 days after which you are supposed to go through the freedom of information request stuff, which can take upto a month to get.

I'd happily pay £6 for the results I still dont have, that I've been waiting for since August!!

(I have a request in to see all my records, so Ive given up chasing and am just waiting until then now)


Results are from 13th December - not too worried about paying just wondered whether there are standard practices out there.

Good luck with your very reasonable request !


If your results (or any other information) have been added to your medical file within the last 40 days, you can request to see them and it is free of charge. You can request informally or formally in writing using 'Subject Access Request'. The surgery has to give you an appointment to view the records within 40 days.

I would phone the results line or probably even better, the practice manager and give them the option of printing the results for nil - 10pence per page, or state that you would like an appointment to come in and view the WHOLE of your medical file, which will undoubtedly put them out if they are so difficult over one or two pages of blood results. You can then sit there all day if that is what it takes and write down, photograph what ever you choose !

What do you think their preference would be LOL x


It is 40 days - the link I gave earlier says:

Do I Have to Pay for Accessing my Records?

You can access your health records free of charge if:digital medical records

The records have been updated in the previous 40 days and

You don’t require a copy.

Which seems to cover you.


Try "sorry I am not prepared to pay that, so please may I have an appt. with the Dr. to discuss the results." Having said that, have to admit haven't yet plucked up courage to try it.


It costs more to see the doc. than to print a couple of sheets of paper.


The NHS is lucky i let them see my private results FREE of charge.

I have not yet been charged for NHS results. I demand them even though it doesnt go down well. If they try to charge you, i would make an appt to view your files which you are legally entitled to do, and copy down the results. Remember to note the ranges as well.

Unfortunately it is ESSENTIAL to get copies of your results. By doing so, I ascertained i had neutropenia, something the NHS failed to pick up for years. I also self diagnosed pernicious anaemia and iron def anaemia through the tests - which the GP told me were 'normal'. Years later I now have confirmation that all my self-diagnoses are correct. What riles me is that no one is accountable for the awful service we get from NHS GPs.

My point is: it is essential to get your results. You just cannot trust the NHS to manage your health efficiently.


The NHS is lucky i let them see my private results FREE of charge. lol

Oh how I would like to be a fly on the wall if you ever tell them that they need to make a Subject Access Request and 'Oh, sorry, they haven't been updated in the last 40 days, so that is £50 please..'! lol!




PS, You are a taxpayer - so you are already paying - why should you pay twice?


the £50 - does that entitle you to SEE all your notes and results or to obtain COPIES of all your notes and results, please?


I work in a hospital, I believe you have to request notes for a certain admission, there is a charge, and they will only copy parts they want you to see! If I am wrong then I am sorry, but I don't believe I am



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