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Is Estrogen a cancer risk for me

Hi need some advice...ive been in and outa hospital with low left groin area severe pain. The lincoln county hospital has been no help at all. I been seeing my gp since who says i have a prolapse and swollen engorged fibroid womb n they carnt find right ovary after a tvs and scan results. Im on morphine patches awaiting gyny appointment. My doc has given me estrogen pessaries and ive read it can cause problems with thyroglobulin results which is my thyroid cancer marker. Im on 300 thyroxin after complete removal and radiation treatment 8yrs ago. Gp says pessaries fine but im worried. Advice plz xxx

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Sorry you are having such a rough time. I'm sorry I don't know enough about thyroid cancer to answer your question but hopefully someone will be along soon. I just wanted to offer moral support.

I hope everything gets sorted out for you very soon.

Carolyn xxx



My understanding of Tg as a cancer marker is that Tg is usually undetectable once our thyroid is removed and RAI has killed off remaining cells and recurrence is unlikely when it remains <6.

Oestrogen can have an effect on thyroid levels but as you don't have a thyroid I don't understand why it would affect thyroglobulin. It isn't something I've researched previously and although I've Googled I haven't found anything useful re post thyCa. Can you contact your oncologist or endocrinologist for advice?


Hi smudgecoo

I am sorry you have had additional worries and I think we should follow our instinct to make sure.

No-one it would seem no-one has knowledge to answer your question and I also cannot but this is a link which may be very helpful to you. I do hope so.

Best wishes


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