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Blood test results since adding T3

Hi all

Had a blood test yesterday to see how the addition of t3 has been going and to increase meds. I knew I needed an increase but was surprised with the results:

TSH: 3, range 0.5-4.5. Note stated that those on thyroid replacement therapy should have results between 0.5-1.5.

T4: 9, range 9-23. (Massive range and the lowest my t4 has been)

T3: 4, range 3.8-6.9 (at hairdressers but believe t3 was higher before)

So I'm going to increase but not sure if I should increase thyroxine, t3 or both?!

Any comments or suggestions? Think I need to go see the specialist sooner than I thought x

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Pennyrose, I've just looked at a previous post where you were on 175mcg/200mcg T4 and switched to 50mcg T4 and 37.5mcg T3. You reduced too much when you cut to 50mcg T4. You should only have reduced by 75mcg T4 when you added 25mcg T3. I would raise your T4 to 75mcg for 4/6 weeks and then to 100mcg if you still feel undermedicated and continue with 37.5mcg T3.

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Thanks clutter. Was just scared in case I over medicated myself! Look like I did the opposite


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