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Just back from GP results after 6 weeks of 75 Levithyroxin .T4 11 up from 7 (11-25) TSH 0.31 (0.270-4.200) down from 4.600 B12 352 (180-900) report normal B12 deficiency unlikely .seek further advice if suggestive features preset e.g. Neuropathy.Ferritin 142 (15-300).started to feel a bit better but last few days really cold pins and needles and aches and pains.

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Heulwen, your TSH is good now but FT4 is still low because it lags behind TSH. This should improve when you've been on Levothyroxine a little longer but have another thyroid blood test in 6/8 weeks in case your Levothyroxine needs increasing.


Pins and needles may be experienced because your FT4 is low but I would discuss the pins and needles with your GP as neuropathy can be experienced when B12 is <500. GP may want to run further tests and to rule out pernicious anaemia as a cause of B12 deficiency.


Aches and pains may also be due to low FT4 but can also be a symptom of vitamin D deficiency which is common in hypothyroid patients. Ask your GP to test vitamin D.


Ferritin is optimal at 70-90 in women and 130-150 in men so it's unlikely you are iron deficient.


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