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Need advice -being anaemic

Hi I have been pretty stable for about 16 months. Had a blood test last month as not feeling great I normally sit happily with TSH 1 ( I have hashi's & have had 1/2 thyroid removed) TSH went up to just over 3 T4 is always about 14. I am now anaemic again & they are unsure why. I also have acid reflux which I am waiting a appointment for further investigation as I may have internal bleeding or i could down to periods (I'm 38). Does anyone else suffer like this or can offer any advise


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Dee think you better look at the paleo diet and check suppliments. I would invest in books 'stop the thyroid madness' & Hashi's as soon as.


Usually, what they classify as acid reflux in hypothyroid patients is usually the reverse, i.e. low acid but the symptoms are similar.

Your TSH is too high and you also need your levo increased to bring TSH around 1 or below. I know with Hashi's you can swing from hyper to hypo.

They do have to find out the cause of your anaemia so it's good you are having a referral.

I hope you feel better soon.

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Being Hypo leads to poor iron absorption. The only thing that helped me was an iron infusion, but since then my iron has gone right down again. Iron injections are another option. Don't expect the NHS to help you get either


Hi thanks for your advise- I shall be taking this all on board & as per normal fight with my gp !


My daughter suffers with reflux it can be such a downer. We thought it was sorted on the paleo diet but then her TSH went up to 4.2 and her Levo went up 25 now she is on 150 and it has started again. She also has Hashi's which was diagnosed. When she was 13yrs. Basically a useless peaditrian could'nt even read blood antibodies.

Now working how to get my baby pain free


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