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Anyone else had this?

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Accelerated and amplified hormone and lymph type response? Surely adrenaline or similar hormone driving it. Almost simultaneous symptoms of achey painful armpits, needle jabs in either breast at the side or on top, lumpy throat (ie, around thyroid) sometimes hard to swallow, rock-hard lumps either side of neck below jaw in lymph areas, plus all the usual headaches and needle cramp in skull - in a horseshoe band across top of my head, around the crown and occasional sharp pain shooting inside head up to skull. Been on Livial since last Nov, finished 6 x Prostap injections end of March. Endo pain ongoing but better than it used to be for now (pelvic, sacral, etc) but continue to have periods - so unclear if I'm in peri- or menopause at age 48. Any ideas? Thanks muchly

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Lazylanc, have you had thyroid blood tests to rule out hypothyroidism?

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Oh God no, that would be asking a lot! I'm always banging my fist with symptoms and getting nowhere. To be fair to medical interference (ahem, intervention) I've had this intermittently though not that often over the past 2.5yrs and this was without any medication at the time. I know the GnRH Prostap injections for endometriosis (not a cure either....) can play havoc with your hormones. Does it sound typical symptoms for hypothyroid?

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My Dad and his Dad had pernicious anaemia, and I'm just wondering if that will ever feature...

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Lazylanc, lumpy throat and difficulty swallowing are typical of thyroid problems. Ask GP to palpate your throat to feel for swelling/goiter and ask for a thyroid blood test.

Low/deficient ferritin, vitamin D, B12 and folate can also cause musculoskeletal pain, fatigue and low mood so worth asking for those too. Pernicious anaemia does run in families. If B12 is low/deficient GP should test Intrinsic Factor antibodies for PA.

Yup try Lyme as well it can do alsorts of things!


Yup try Lyme as well it can do alsorts of things!


Not wishing to alarm you, but pain in the breast can be a cancer symptom even without a lump. I would ask to have a mammogram even if you have had one in the past six months.

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Thanks mistydog. Friend of mine who's had breast cancer seemed to say, as it was for her, that it can go undetected as she had no pain symptoms. However, she was over 50 (I'm not) so received mammograms anyhow. Could be a challenge to be granted one from my GP, much as it's been a challenge to be granted everything else I've asked for! Worth a try, so noted and thanks for your input.

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It's what happened to me. I'd had a mammogram in October and had the pains in July. They checked the first mammo after diagnosis but nothing had been missed, it was caught very early and all ok now but definitely don't be fobbed off on this one.

Can I ask you how old you are? So were you granted a mammo based on saying you were experiencing pains? Trying to get a timeline for what you're saying - you had a mammo in Oct last year 2013, and pain this July 2014? Ta

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