feel rubbish...anyone else had time off work?

Got an overactive thyroid, diagnosed 3 weeks ago after ending up in hospital for a week on Christmas Eve with racing heart. Doc said it was my thyroid, T4 was 60. Now on propananol and carbimazole, but really struggling with busy job - dep head and teacher. not sure whether to rest or keep going on grounds its going to take ages to get right. Any advice welcome!

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  • depends on how you are feeling and wether you feel confident in your judgement being a deputy head and teacher, I know its a stressful job and stress does play a part in hypothyroidism.

    It will take a while for the doctors to get your dose right but it will happen and if you are struggling maybe take a couple of weeks out just so you can get the rest that you need and hopefully sooner rather than later your dose will get sorted and you will start to feel better.

    I hope you do

    Tina x

  • Hi

    I found that first thing in morning was the problem as sleep disrupted for a while due to anxiety symptoms. Could you ask to start later and finish later? Or reduce hours for a while?

  • Hi

    I don't think there's anything wrong in taking time off to try to get yourself right. I appreciate working in a school (me too) you feel an obligation and don't want to let anyone down.

    Remember to listen to your body.

    Good luck x

  • Hi... I'm a midwife and have had the majority of last year off. Fatigue, brain fog poor memory caused great problems at work.... I couldn't trust myself that I wasn't saying/doing things incorrectly.... I could not possibly put my women and babies at risk . All last year I have fought for appropriate care so I could regain my health and return to my beloved profession. Next week , I face a final sickness review and am hoping the trust will give me a few more weeks to titrate the t3 which I am now taking. You need to listen to your body and instincts and make your own risk assessment as your job is highly responsible too. I wish you well....

    Best wishes

    Karen x

  • Maybe take some time off and finally listen to your body. It took me over a year to go to the docs and finally listen to my body, screaming out that something was wrong! I am on the same meds as you and they started working for me within days, however, the brain fog/fatigue took months for me and I was unable to digest any information. I spoke to my manager who was great and he let me take a back seat in my usually stressful job, however, it took months for me to start getting mentally better . Maybe a chat with your head, as stress with your condition is not a good mix. Good luck and I wish you well.

  • Hi Sue

    I know how you feel, my FT4 was through the roof (>100) when I was diagnosed last year. I was very ill, but I'm self-employed and had to finish a project. After that I really needed to take some rest, and fortunately I could, as I'm my own boss. This hyper state is exhausting, you have to listen to your body! You will feel better soon, but the next four weeks or so you should take it slow. You are ill. Accept it and allow yourself to rest.

    All the best!

  • Thanks for all the advice, I don't do ill very well, and tend to want a cure tomorrow....well maybe by Friday....

    Have been impressed by hospital, had radio active scan Tuesday, they want me back next Friday to see consultant, good service!

  • Some people get through this condition after a time. You might try to find the connection between selenium and hyperthyroidism through Mary Shomon or IThyroid.

  • thanks, where can i find the info? Is there any one site I should look at?


  • Sue, the first testimonials I had read was to take selenium for three months only. It can be toxic just like other supplements at high doses.

    I like this website, thyroid.about.com


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