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Online sources for NDT

I know of 3 online sources to buy NDT, but wanted to know if there are any I'm missing (particularly if they are cheaper! ;-) ). I'm currently taking Thyroid S, but considering switching to another brand that doesn't contain so many fillers. Possibly Nature-Throid but haven't totally decided yet, and need to do a bit more research.

Would very much appreciate a PM if you know of any online places to buy :) Thanks!

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Anybody at all? :)


Do you mean with or without a prescription? My own experience is that it is pretty difficult to find pharmacies in Europe willing to send you prescription drugs without a valid prescription...hopefully, if someone here knows more about it, he or she will let you know.

Before finding a doctor to prescribe NDT for me (I'm in Belgium), I was on Thiroyd which is also from Thailand, but does not contain as many fillers as Thyroid-S. I warmly recommend it, as I did just as well on it as I am currently doing on Erfa.

Good luck!

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