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Heart problems

hello, i finally received my blood results. They only tested for TSH level it is 1.82mU/L

Not sure what this means.

I have also been tested for other auto immune problems and they all came back negative.

I am surprised though that my intrinsic factor antibodies are negative as 5 years or so ago they came back as positive. I have been taking vit b12 sublingualy for about 6 months now i wonder if this can have some effect?

I have asked for a private referral to a cardiologist as the NHS referal is on 22nd October and hoping to get this next week.

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Aleahcim, Your TSH is in the low normal range (good). A diagnosis of subclinical hypothyroidism usually requires TSH >5.0 with FT4 and FT3 in range.

I hope the cardio consults go well.


Hi Not sure why you want to see a cardio?How is your kidney function and liver?TSH without T4 an d FT3 is useless.\What are your symptoms?

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Hi not quite got to grips with how this site works as yet. I made a previous post as I have been diagnosed with cardiac ischemia following a 24 hr ECG, ( been having palpitations, breathlessness and chest pain for some time).

Althought the GP sent an urgent NHS referral there are no appointments for 3 months! Hence the private appointment.

I asked for all my blood results to be printed off for me as I noticed some were missing and collected them last night. No further thyroid levels but I have stage 2 chronic kidney disease. This was highlighted and marked contact patient! The GP for some unknown reason neglected to tell me and has had these results for 2 months!!!


Hi Make sure you see a cardio who specializes in arrhythmia.What were your renal/kidney results? Unless very bad it is just monitored ie U`s and E`s

, kidney bloods Also hint of infection see GP.The cardio will refer you if he thinks so, they work closely with Endos and renal.



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