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4 weeks on T3

Good day all

Almost 4 weeks ago I started adding T3 to my levo dose. After a year of unstable dose on levo I felt bad, was rapidly gaining weight and each day has been a struggle. Following the knowledge and advice on this forum I reduced my levo and added t3.

The first few days I must admit I felt shattered. My last blood test had show my T4 depleting so maybe that had something to do with it. In the run up to adding T3 I was drained, cold and down. I took 12.5mcg to begin with to make sure it was tolerable. I'm now on 25mcg with another 12.5mcg in the afternoon and haven't felt any adverse affects.

4 weeks on and I've stopped gaining weight, in fact I'm not as hungry as I used to be and have been eating little and often. My eyes are amazing. After the first day that was the most noticeable (or coincidental!) benefit. My eyes had been sore, gritty and tired for months and was wearing glasses at work to help. I haven't had them on in 4 weeks!

There have been at least 2 occasions in the past 2 weeks where I haven't had to wear a blanket and layers in work. I have strong nails. I don't feel as battered in the morning when I wake up. I feel positive, just like I used to be.

I had a blip last week (chest pain) which the GP's thing was a pulled muscle - possibly, exercise and activity has increased.

I wouldn't say I'm a 100% but definitely feel a million times better than I did a month ago. My plan is to have a blood test in the next 2 weeks and just keep going to see how much more improvement I can feel. I am also going to make an appointment to see the endo who initially diagnosed my in September time (ish) to discuss this treatment and if he will prescribe it. If not, there is no loss because I am going to continue on this path. It's the path to feeling like my old self, it's the path to feeling well. Thank you all so much for all your help, advice and support xx

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By 'on 25 mg with another 12.5 mg in the afternoon' do you mean 37.5?

And what is your Levo dose?

Many thanks,



Absolutely right :)

Levo is at 50mcg. Before I started T3 I was on 175/200 mcg levo. It was a relatively high dose and felt poorly :(


Hi pennyrose, this is really informative and inspirational! My GP has referred me to an endorsement for next month.

I'm hoping he will test my T3 and prescribe some whilst lowering my T4 dose...see my bio, reads the same as yours I reckon.

Was it pretty straightforward once you'd seen the endo? Good luck and I hope you carry on improving!


Pretty similar indeed :) It's an awful disease and the preconception that a little pill is all it takes to fix us is a struggle too!

It took a year for a diagnosis, mainly because my GP's sent me to gastro and ignored the thyroid test results. I eventually paid to see an endo privately in York last year and within 10 minutes I had a full diagnosis and a script for 100 mcg of thyroxine, a letter was sent to the GP regarding treatment. The first letter he sent to my GP's requested that they suppress my TSH to around 0.01-0.05 something they do not do and are not comfortable with! He also indicated at that point that he didn't think I had a conversion problem.

The GP's base everything on TSH at my practice. I've thought about leaving them but maybe it's a bit of "better the devil you know"!

I'm going to see him again next month so will definitely keep you posted. Like I said if he can tell my GP's to prescribe it and monitor through the NHS great, if not I've lost nothing and gained insight and health! x


#referred me to an endo...


Fantastic news! I was sent to a Gastroenterologist who precluded me from anything serious apart from raised liver enzymes and being overweight. I was mortified as my BMI was only 28 with a size 36 waist. He said to go back in a year so we can monitor for weight and type 2 diabetes (all before my Hashimotos diagnosis) Needless to say I feel marginally better but I know I'm only running at 50% and haven't gone back to see him!


Pennyrose, it's great that you are feeling so improved. It'll be interesting to see how much your FT3 has improved.


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