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I have been taking 20mcg of T3 while alternating 125mls and 100mls of Liquid Thyroxine for two weeks and then tomorrow I am to change to 100 mls liquid and 40 Mcg T3 daily .on the lower dose of T3 I feel terrible , mostly weak and swimmy . Has any one else found zt3 added like this causing problems?

Also has anyone requested a period in Hospital in order that all relevant blood tests could be done and the correct dosage be properly discovered and there fore less guesswork on our parts . I am seriously thinking of asking my Dr to arrange this for me .I wonder what his reaction will be ?!

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Blood tests will only measure what is in your blood not whether its working for you or not, I bet the doctor told you to take your T3 all in one go?

Splitting it throughout the day seems the best idea as T3 has a very short 'life'.


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