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GP complaing

After writing a few weeks ago about how my GP essentially fobbed me off with 'its' your age' type nonsense when I presented with my symptoms I wrote a letter of complaint... Here is what they commented ONLINE

I had said that exhaustion was one of my symptoms, I'm a previously fit healthy, slim active woman who has exercised all her adult life, and when I told the doctor I could no longer do this, she told me to 'force myself'

"We have formally responded to this patient;- "Blood tests were performed on several occasions, we acknowledge the frustration of having medically unexplained symptoms and that there are limits to conventional medicine, we recommend that graded exercise is a very good treatment for fatigue."

Limits to conventional medicine?

I was not offered:

Vit D testing

Antibodies test

Glandular fever or any other kind of immune system disorder such as ME testing

I was basically told my lot in life as a pre- menopausal woman is to get on with it! and not complain because " I look alright"


I have changed doc's since and they have orderered a barrage of tests including Vit D, antibodies and so many other things i've forgotten

Waiting for results and will post


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Good move, Abby, of course conventional medicine won't help you if basic diagnostic tests aren't done to investigate your symptoms.

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Exactly! I couldn't believe it when I registered with a new GP and she was so willing to investigate AND to run tests that my other GP hadn't even bothered with. It was the sneering manner and the suggestion that I am just depressed/old/whatever that made me run for the hills.. this seems to be so common...


Well done in changing doctors. And what a relief to find a caring one that is willing to do some tests.

The first time I was told "a touch of your age" was responsible for a symptom I was exactly 30 years old. That idiot - by far the worst doctor of any kind I have ever seen in my entire life and the subject of more than written complaint on behalf of my mother - is still practising. Practising being the operative word. Why on earth he continued as a GP when he clearly hated people and patients in particular is a mystery. 2 hours waiting for a timed appointment was normal and patients leaving his room in tears was also normal.


Yes, its funny isn't it? the offending doctor was young female and clearly bored to tears by me and my insignificant complaints that my wellbeing (and livilihood, as I'm an exercise professional myself) were being compromised. New Doc is only a stone's throw but seem a world away in professionalism and caring.. I'm sorry you had this bad experience too, I would never dream of treating people in this way i.e dismissive, rude and judgemental. The 'our age' thing is a nonsense from a by-gone time - I am 50, so what? its not 150! I'm afraid the medical profession needs a wake-up call, but when? how?


Indeed! How ridiculous to just write me off without doing anything ?


It's crazy isn't it. When I went to the GP complaining of tiredness they said they would do the standard package of tests for people saying they were tired. For me that turned out right because B12 deficiency showed up. But when I asked which tests they were and saw that they included thyroid tests, I said I had just had them done but she said they had to redo them as part of the TATT package. I thought was very wasteful duplicating the thyroid tests.

Everything NHS seems so standardised and not geared towards the individual patient.


I wonder if it would be possible for TUK to keep a list of sympathetic GP's? It is difficult to know if you should move GP practice as it may be out of the frying pan and into the fire. Has anyone ever asked about the expertise of GPs before signing on at a new practice or what key questions to ask?


Think it might be hard to co-ordinate, but a good idea surely?


Well done for changing surgery. That GP is clearly in the wrong job and should be ashamed of herself for wasting taxpayers' money. Of course they don't like informed patients, fragile egos and all that!

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I had the same with my doctor, she said I was suffering health stress (meaning it was in my head), and that my other symptoms, hair loss, excess facial hair etc was part of being post menopausal! If I wasn't already through the menopause, they would have said it was the menopause. I have never had a illness in my life, never go to the doctors, and still they think I am making this up. It is so frustrating, so I really feel for you x


Yes they know nothing.

Its only proper gander theNHS give us and them along with the drug companies.

It takes 15 years for them take on board new information.

They are just as much afraid of that info as of one another.

Why cause they don't tell on one another.



The main things is: all this makes US take responsibility and control of our health, whether we investigate via the internet and alternative medicine (acupuncture/ functional medicine etc).. It points to great gaps and failings not only in the NHS as it is today, driven by profits and funding and all the constraints we know.. However, I do think there are good people working within it and that will work with you.. I know I've had to find out way more about the thyroid than I ever would have had this not happened to me, and maybe I can use this info to help others.. So we can 'pay it forward'... and take control of our health, that's the main thing, not to give that up to others.


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