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very annoyed at lack of support from gp

Hi all im new here and hopefully i can find some helpful information as i have had enough of my GP and anyone else i have had a second opinion from . I had a sub partial thyroidectomy 4 month ago and my T4 levels before the op were 12.2 and my TSH level were 0.88 . My levels now are T4 13.8 and TSH 0.84, my problem is i have put on over a stone since this op , i keep being told it isnt related to the op and when i asked for my t3 results i was told i dont need them . I am taking 75mg of thyroxine and when i asked before the op if i would gain weight they told me no . Now when i say this to doctor they deny mentioning anything about weight gain . Im sooo annoyed with it all i really wish i hadnt bothered to have the op in the first place . Please can some one help me ?

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Welcome Cath - I understand your frustration, no-one mentioned weight gain either after my PT op, and I wasn't medicated - why did you have it?

You can start to help yourself by asking for additional tests for irons, ferritin, folate & B12 and Vitamin D and go from there. Jane :D


Hi Coldfeethcath

Do you have the ranges of your blood tests as labs differ throughout the country and it makes it easier for members to comment.

Your story isn't unfamiliar. I am afraid you will have to read and learn as much as possible to enable you to recover some semblance of good health.

Things aren't always explained to you if you have to have any procedures of what may/could/wont happen afterwards.

Weight gain may not be connected to your op but it could certainly be connected to levothyroxine. You may not yet be on enough medication yet to raise your metabolism as you are now hypothyroid although your blood tests results may be in range. That's when the GP says that any other symptoms are not due to your thyroid gland but to some other cause because you are 'in range'.

More advice will be forthcoming from members who have had a similar op to you.


This is such a familiar story Cath - been there meself, got the bally XXL teeshirt to prove it. These 'specialists' are being disingenuous when they say the weight isn't related to the thyroid op and subsequent medication. Of course it is! How on earth else would one put on 14 lbs in 4 months!! And to have lied to your face when you actually asked the question is unprofessional to put it mildly. Unfortunately, like the unwanted extra weight, these so-called specialists are extremely hard to shift in their opinions. Coincidentally I had an Old Biddy's Health Check a month or so ago. We came to my weight (5'3": size 18). 'Thyroid weight' I said shortly, preparing myself for the usual 'you're a gluttonous lazy woman' diatribe. 'Ah,' said the nurse. And said no more. (Although we had just been through the exercise I do in a week, which is plenty). The medical profession does know. And they still guilt the poor patient instead of taking the time to sort it out. It's insufferable. But don't get mad, get informed. Take responsibility for your own health (this forum helps immensely) and get well. Then the weight should take itself off again.

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