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Mouth burns more easily

I've found that in the last few months my mouth burns more easily (hard palate becomes inflamed and then skin blisters and peels off), and that I don't really feel it until it's too late. I've also been diagnosed with iron and vitamin d deficiency, and am hoping to persuade my excellent GP that my sucky vitamin b12 level (314) should be investigated more thoroughly and maybe supplemented.

But does anybody know whether a deficiency could be causing the issues surrounding the burning thing?

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Sorry you haven't had a response yet - I'll bump it up via newsfeed J :D

I have seen reports about low B12 and mouth ulcers, just a thought....


My mouth is the same even any food that's abit harder or crunchier can give me tears and cuts in the roof of my mouth ...I don't know why this happens though ..sorry


I got that from my B12 tablets (Jarrow formulas) I think it was the citric acid. Changed brand - all well now.


Hi I had a similar problem a few years back, I felt as though my tongue was on fire when I ate, it was red raw and blistery and the roof of my mouth hurt etc. After having bloods done it showed I was very low on iron and B12, i take folic acid daily now and have B12 injections every 3 months so maybe your GP will prescribe these also for you. I had a sharp 3 day course of B12 injections initially and now have them every 3 months along with folic acid daily. A sore red tongue and mouth can be a sign of vitamin deficiencies.

Hope you feel better soon.


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