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GP in 4 hours...What test's shall I request?

So my GP wants to see me today in four hours time.

Many kind, friendly and helpful people have advised me on the anemia's such as B12, iron, folic etc...

So my question is, in a full list what test shall I demand from my GP (i have high hope he will listen today as he is rather helpful)...something about gluten?

Is totalT4 really needed rather than regular FT4?

Test's such as T3 etc which most GP's can not authorize can be included separately..i'll just have to convince my GP to right to my endo and demand them also

*a man with a plan..muwhahaha*

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It, coeliac screen for gluten intolerance. Ferritin, vitamin D, B12 and folate. Free T4 is more important than total T4 which probably isn't done on the NHS any longer for that reason. FT3 if you can get it and thyroid peroxidase and thyroglobulin antibodies to test for autoimmune disease (Hashimoto's).

May be worth asking your GP to monitor you taking the T3 you have as you weren't able to tolerate the Levothyroxine.


Gotchya! Thanks..let's see what he has to say


It, bear in mind that when vit/min results are within range you usually have self supplement. NHS only prescribes for deficiencies. Coeliac screen isn't very accurate and can give false negative/positives so gluten-free often helps people even when coeliac screen is negative.


OK and i'm back from a decent appointment :)

Vitb12,folate,rheumatoid factor,auto immune profile,electrolytes, creatinine, LFT, bone profile, calcium group, thyroid function test, c-reactive protein, Uric acid, Vit D

ALL BEING TESTED...i could not obv squeeze in things like T3 as that's with my endo. But this is a good start for those aches all over and brain fog.

Any tips regarding gluten allergy test, completely forgot to ask my GP.

So what else for the road to recovery?


It, well that's a fairly comprehensive list :-D

You could try eliminating gluten for 2/3 months to see if it helps with symptoms. If it doesn't you can reintroduce gluten.


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