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What Shall I Do Now?

Hi everyone,

My mum used to suffer from overactive thyroid so I have always suspected that I had a thyroid problem given the problems I was having.

Well after suffering a very long list of symptoms for the past 10 years and having the occasional blood test come back normal I came across this forum about three months ago and learned that having normal blood tests doesn't mean there's nothing wrong with you. My health was deteriorating rapidly to the point that by Oct last year I had limited use of my left arm and left foot and could hardly walk. So after coming across this forum I quickly booked an appt with Dr Skinner and saw him last week. He confirmed I am most definitely hypoT with all the classic symptoms and I have been put on levothyroxine. I have never been to see an endo as my GP's (I've changed three times already) always said there was no clinical need for one.

Can someone please advise about how I go about checking my adrenals, Vit D, B12 and other levels that others have mentioned on here? Ideally I would like them done on the NHS with the support of my GP as I can ill afford to keep paying privately but I can't really see that happening given the lack of support I've had so far? Alternatively, can anyone advise on how best to approach my GP now for support since I have at last been diagnosed with hypoT?

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You must really try and persevere keep going back and back until they listen to you, you know yourself better than anyone and if they are a good GP they should do what you ask of them it is your right.

I have only recently found out that I have Pernicious Anemia due to my symptoms which i always put down to an Underactive thyroid which I have had for 18 years, my symptoms just seemed to get worse from the beginning of last year so in the end after having been to the doctors time and time again one particular doctor gave me an "MOT" which showed i had PA.

My tsh is all over the place so he has referred me to an endocrinologist who i am seeing in Feb because he is not sure why after all these years my tsh levels have gone through the roof,


I assume your GP referred you and Dr S will write informing him of his diagnosis and treatment. With a bit of luck levothyroxine may suit you and when you reach optimum meds your GP may have no problem prescribing for you.

When you are feeling better Dr S will ask your GP to do blood tests you and will ask for a copy. I usually, when I get a blood test ask for a print-out and send copy to Dr S myself

Ask your GP to do you to do a full blood test, including ferritin, folate, B12 and Vit D . Tell him they have to be at good levels in order for you to recover your health now that you are hypo.


Many thanks for your advice guys. My GP didn't refer me to Dr Skinner. I booked the appt myself. That was something I learned to do from this forum. My GP's have always said they had no idea what was wrong with me but they never wanted to refer me to an endo as they said there was no clinical need for one. I put on over 4 stone in weight as well and my GP said the only reason people put on weight is because they eat too much. I have never had much of an appetite so I knew over eating wasn't the problem.

I really like your idea shaws of telling my GP my levels of ferritin etc have to be checked to ensure they are at good levels in order for me to recover my health now I am hypoT. Sorry to be a bit thick though but do I ask the GP now to do the full blood test (inc ferritin, folate, B12 and Vit D) or wait until I have reached optimum meds first?


Hi Karispitit,

Glad to hear you're now on the road back to health :-) May I ask, how we're you able to book an appointment with dr s if you didn't have a referral? Many people on this site would love to see him but are not able to as their GP will not refer them. If you have some additional information that would help others please do let us know :-)

I don't really know much about this and perhaps someone else will reply soon, but I would suggest you get the blood tests done now as some people have a problem getting to the right dose of thyroid meds if their vitamins etc are all out.

P.S. just a tip - if you reply to someone, they will not be aware unless you click the 'reply to this' button underneath their post and they will then be sent an email. Otherwise you may find that they don't reply. Hope this helps :-) x


Oh I see what you mean by a GP referral. In that case yes I had to get a letter from my GP. It was really easy for me to do as they showed no interest at all. They actually pitied me for asking for the referral. They told me not to get too disappointed when Dr S tells me I don't have a thyroid problem. Dr S said he had a very nice letter from them. So I guess I should be thankful in that respect.

Thanks for your advice and the reply to message tip Diamondfire


Oh right yes and I see what you mean now too. Sorry! Isn't he the most wonderful doctor? :-) my GP just agreed to refer me to get me off her case I think lol and thought 'this third opinion will shut her up!' Hope you find all the info you need on this site :-)


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