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yesterday when i walked my dogs on the beach It was a real struggle and felt the pressure from the solid mass that is my abdomen against my ribs and it was very disabling. also had the tightness etc in my neck .the journey home was uphill and had to keep stopping to rest. felt pretty much the same all day. called surgery to get an appointment and went in there on way back from physio. told none.spoke with physio -a very nice chap-about my symptoms -mainly ribs and swollen stomach-and said when I see my rheumy he may do something as he is higher up the ladder than gps are higher up the ladder then the way my back was fine and didnt need any more treatment.only problem is my rheumy appointment isn't until mid march.thinkign should I just go back to A&E and refuse to leave until they recongise my problem is not in my head.(physio said he would mention what I told him in his letter to my dr).

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Might be a good idea. :(


so mad .just typed out all yesterdays events and then ilost it and mycomputer switched to email page.curses!!


here goes again.2nd time after trying for 2 days to get a dr's appointment.on Friday went to A& there at 10.45 after a 90 minute bus journey.spoke to receptionist and didn't have to wait long before triage nurse called me in and then took me into a room.did the usual blood pressure and ECG tests.were fine. eventually a junior Dr came in and asked loads of questions to find what was wrong.she then went away to speak to a senior dr who came back and fully explained where they were going from there.i had bloods taken and she said she wanted to know why my stomach was so swollen yet had lost weight elsewhere(finally at last someone has listened to me!!)and asked how much.i didnt know cos had also gained more weight on my stomach so said ive lost 2" off my bum and an inch of each told her she couldn't believe i had had these problems for almost 3 years and no one had done anything,i said i have told my dr everything but get dismissed all the time cos he says he only goes on bloods and not symptoms.two doctors asked what my skin rashes were and i said i dont know as no dr has ever told me and dismissed them .I also told her my stomach had got more swollen and changed shape since i had my gallbladder removed.she explained about the CA125 test and i told her I had been tested and my results were 52 to start with and had come down but still above "normal".she then went away and came back saying i hadnt had a scan for a while and she had arranged for me to have an ultrasound scan and then go up to a ward for another scan where a DR King would carry it I was wheeled to the scanning dept and was asked to drink 2 litres of water whilst waiting for the "scannist".after drinking the water i was in agony and having difficulty holding my wee .so i asked the nurse how long would it be.she said not must have been a baby clinic day as there were a lot of new mums and babies .an hour after i got there I had the scan and then went up to the ward.when I got there they put me in a room and a nurse took details again of meds,next of kin immediate thought was "they are keeping me in" so i said "I cannot stay as i have two dogs at home".she replied they cant make you stay in.anyway the "trans vaginal scan"(whatever that is)never happened nor did a DR King show up.tehn a young female dr came in and said she wanted to do a smear test as i hadnt had one for a long time.i said "never".i began to wonder why I hadnt wanted to have them.then i knew why -it hurt like hell and even thru gritted teeth I couldnt bear the pain so asked her to stop.she then gave me some antibiotics as they said I had urine infection(had it really cleared up from before?)and some cream to use. i finally left in time to get the bus home at 4.30.and they said a dr would call me when I had to have the scan and it would be a was 6.15 before i eventually got home and all I could think about when in hospital was my dogs being at home alone for so long.

normally when I put my key in the door two concerned dogs would come running into the kitchen to greet me with wagging tails and lots of (annie )kisses.not a sound and no welcome home! ever since I had to say in hospital a few years ago they have always been concerned when i go out-even for an hour or so -that Im not coming home.felt much better after having the opportunity to lie down for most of the time in A&E.and today I walked my dogs I didnt have as much pain and pressure on my ribs tho still ahd a,lot of pelvic pain.,i expect when i see my GP next on 3rd march he will say why did you go to A&E,my answer will be cos I couldnt get an appointment and finally after three years someone has finally taken notice i have a problem and its not all in my hope fully soon i will finally get an answer to what is causing my swollen stomach.i still have concerns it is OC because it is known as the "silent killer" and poor Babs(RIP)was misdiagnosed in the beginning and because of my dogs' behaviour over the last 9 months they are sensing I have something seriously wrong.


had scan at BGH today and gynae said everything was normal yet he went over and over the ovaries again and again and the screen only showed one ovary I couldnt see the other.then i got the usual oh it must be a bowel problem .I was livid then and told him it is NOT a bowel problem and nothign to do with my diet.ive been there done that,ive never complained about bowels and what about scans being inconclusive.its known OC Is mistaken fro a bowel condition which I dont have.

email sent to my brother when he asked how my scan went .he accused me of self assessing????when all I told him was how tuesday went like he asked.

just woke up.went to bed as so tired from travelling and only having 3 hour ssleep for the last 2 nights(regular occurrence).had scan but still unconvinced as the gynae(one I have seen in the past and did previous op)says everything was normal but I know it is not.still bears down to OC being mistaken fro IBS as he said its to do with diet and bowels.told him it wasn't as id been there and done all that and he had already asked me about bowels and I toldhim as have always said there Is no problem-nevr any symptoms of IBS . and that no one is accepting that my weight gain (2 stones)is abdominal not general.told him it was worse since august after gallbladder op and that my stomach had changed shape and was a hard solid comment!

thought I might get some answers when the A&E dr acknowledged my weight loss.

the dr I saw on friday was there and she went thru my notes with gynae and heard her say my CA125 was 15 in october and last result was37.still have then pelvic pain -especially bone on left side.

was watching the screen when he did the scan and he showed the right ovary which was quite big but when he looked at left ovary site hardly anything to see.

and it was really painful when doing scans,


Have you ever had abdo surgery of any sort? If you have the problem is likely due to adhesions if nothing else has shown on the scans.


Hi there I had gallbladder removed last august by keyhole surgery and have to admit it has got worse since then(gallstones only discovered by going private as my gp refused to do any more scans at that time) .told this to gynae this on Tuesday

sure have said this to my gp as well


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