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Salivary Test from Genova

Hi everybody!

I have tried to order a salivary test from Genova but I am from Spain so I dont really know how does it works.

They sent me an e-mail in were they explained me that they can´t send me a test kit if my practicioner are not registered with them....He is a private Spanish endo so he is not register in Genova.

Anyway I would like to order it in where my doctor has not to be involved..

So what should I do now?

I really need it because I am really bad and I think that the adrenals are my clue..

Any replys very much appreciated


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Hi lunera1987,

I had a saliva test done through Genova a couple of years ago. You are indeed correct when you say that Genova will only deal with a practitioner. This is because, I THINK, the test results can be difficult to interpret if you don't know what you are doing. I know that my practitioner was most helpful in helping me to understand the facts and figures. They do have a list of practitioners that they deal with. Luckily for me one of them on the list was local. Do you have the list of practitioners from Genova? Even though you are in Spain one of the practitioners on the list may be willing to act on your behalf - i.e., receive the results and give you feedback. (If I remember correctly, the results didn't come to me, but were indeed sent to my practitioner). Perhaps you could have a telephone consult/Skype conversation with your UK based practitioner?? They could then send the paper copies onto you? You may in any case find that your current endo. would not be sympathetic to your need to have the tests. If he hasn't suggested them and you say that you don't really want to involve your doctor why not go with one of the recommended Genova practitioners anyway. They are very used to dealing with Genova, can help you if you have any queries about the process and most of all, take the results seriously and know how to interpret them. I certainly found having the practitioner contact very helpful.

Hope you find this useful.

Another thought, is there a similar company to Genova in Spain? Perhaps Genova might be able to suggest a Spanish alternative?


Hi MacG

Thanks for your reply!

I will try to contact with Genova again and I hope they will find a solution or an alternative for me.

In Spain there isnt any lab in where you can get a salivary test so that´s why I need to do it from outside.

Anyway thanks again!


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